Greece is a motorcycle paradise, blessed with majestic scenery and rich ancient history. Our climate is mild and there is almost no probation for riding off-road in amazing routes. Mythical Routes was created for all motorcycle aficionados, that crave great motorcycle experiences, in majestic landscapes with top-class adventure motorcycles.

Ride with a local and see the true face of our country.

Our motorcycle tours are off-road oriented and can be ridden with your own motorcycle or with one provided from us, and include a leading Tour Guide rider and the possibility of a support vehicle if required. You can ride at your own pace, always accompanied by a tour leader who will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is enjoy the ride!



Our Adventure Tours require a higher level of fitness since we ride asphalt-paved roads, but for the most part of the route we ride challenging roads and gravel roads in various conditions, like deep ruts, loose rocks, and other challenges depending on the weather (Intermediate L.2 and Hard L.3 tours). There are no single-tracks in these tours and we ride for more than 6 hours/day for the most part of the tour, visiting the most important archeological sites of each region, some of which listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, emphasizing the adventure experience while riding through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, remote dragon lakes, and isolated hi-planes.



Our Historical Tours are accessible to most people with an average level of fitness and average mobility (Easy L.1 tours) and provide the option of riding with a pillion passenger. We ride asphalt-paved roads in fair condition and normal altitudes. On certain routes, we ride on coastal or mountain roads that are easily accessible, with varying landscapes, but we may also have to travel on easy dirt roads (less than 5% of the tour) or at high altitudes with varying weather conditions for a few days. We will be visiting the most important archeological sites of each region, some of which listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, riding in small groups at the best available routes, not to be found on the tourist maps!



Our Adventure Rallies require advanced riding abilities and a good level of fitness, as they are physically more demanding. We ride asphalt-paved roads and slate-paved paths, but for the most part of the route, we ride challenging gravel roads at high altitudes with varying weather conditions. River crossings and single tracks may feature. (Hard L.3 tours). There might be small sections of single-tracks, we ride for more than 8 hours/day for the most part of the tour, and night riding may feature. You must be an experienced rider and ride off-road regularly. Tours may involve hiking to remote, high altitude areas where facilities are less developed and overnight adventure camps may feature.


We strongly believe that adventures change lives. Motorcycle Expeditions off the beaten track are all about giving you the feeling of ultimate freedom, while always keeping you alert and live. Combine these feelings with the inevitable journey in time from our site visits and this becomes something truly unique.


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