Mythical Routes organizes and operates Adventure Motorcycle Tours in Greece. Our tours showcase the beauty and the historical facts of the Ancient Hellenic World with the broader geographical meaning of the term while riding through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, remote dragon lakes, and isolated hi-planes.

Angelo Baltoyannis
MSc Architect with studies in Ancient Hellenic Architecture both in Rome and in Athens. Passionate about motorcycles and planner of many Adventure Rallies in Greece. Involved in product development and marketing with many internationally established motorcycle brands and Klim Ambassador and Athlete
Angelo BaltoyannisOwner and Co-Founder

After numerous years of planning and hosting the Greek KTM LC8 Rally, March Moto Madness Rally, and multiple Adventure Expeditions as Klim ambassadors, we directed our experience to create Mythical Routes. We specialize in creating memorable motorcycle tours for experienced motorcycle riders looking for the perfect ride. You ride at your own pace, accompanied by an expert guide that will take care of everything for you.

Paris Baltoyannis
Skilled and fast rider, Klim Ambassador and Athlete
Paris BaltoyannisCo-Founder and Guide
Ioanna Biziota
The female touch in all adventure planning
Ioanna BiziotaBooking manager
Thanasis Giortsios
Tour Safety Expert, 4×4 driver and enthusiast photographer
Thanasis GiortsiosSupport Vehicle Driver
Konstantinos Tsigaras
An indispensable part of any motorcycle adventure
Konstantinos TsigarasTour Guide

We strongly believe that adventures change lives. Motorcycle tours off the beaten track are all about giving you the feeling of ultimate freedom, while always keeping you alert and live. Combine these feelings with the inevitable journey in time from our archeological visits and this becomes something truly unique.


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