We are the most scientifically qualified and technically trained Adventure Motorcycle Travel Agency in Greece. Our Adventures are off-road-oriented on large displacement motorcycles, our routes connect the most important archeological sites with each-other and are based on the tracks that unfold along with the plot of the best-selling history books of Architect and researcher G. Baltoyannis.

Our tours and expeditions showcase the beauty and the hidden historical facts of the Ancient Hellenic World with the broader geographical meaning of the term while riding through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, remote dragon lakes, and isolated hi-planes.

We organize Adventure Motorcycle Guided Tours with a Historical approach, that can be ridden with your own motorcycle or with a motorcycle that you can rent. You ride at your own pace, always accompanied by a tour leader who will take care of everything for you. Our routes are off-road oriented, ideal for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles and are based on the tracks that unfold along with the plot of the best-selling history books of architect and researcher George Baltoyannis.


Both Mythical Routes founders are passionate motorcycle riders, Klim ambassadors and partners with many established brands in the international adventure community like Enduristan and AltRider. All Tour Guides and Riding Instructors are highly skilled riders, with all the necessary technical expertise required. All of our Scientific and Technical Contributors are involved in the promotion of ancient Hellenic civilization abroad and are a major asset in the scientific facts presented in these pages and our tours.

Angelo Baltoyannis
Architect with studies in Ancient Hellenic Architecture both in Rome and in Athens. Passionate about motorcycles and planner of many Adventure Rallies in Greece. Involved in product development and marketing with many internationally established motorcycle brands and official Klim Ambassador
Angelo BaltoyannisArchitect, Explorer and Co-Founder
Paris Baltoyannis
Landscape architect and interior designer with studies both in Torino and in Athens. Passionate about and organizer of many Adventure Trophies in Greece, greatly involved in product development with many international adventure motorcycle brands. Highly skilled and fast rider and official Klim Ambassador and Athlete
Paris BaltoyannisLandscape Architect, Adventurer and Co-Founder

We strongly believe that adventures change lives. Motorcycle tours off the beaten track are all about giving you the feeling of ultimate freedom, while always keeping you alert and live. Combine these feelings with the inevitable journey in time from our archeological visits and this becomes something truly unique.

Ioanna Biziota
The female touch in all adventure planning
Ioanna BiziotaPSY and Communications Mgr
Thanasis Giortsios
Tour Safety Expert, 4×4 driver and enthusiast photographer
Thanasis GiortsiosSafety Expert and Support Vehicle
Alex Austin
Mythical Routes website guru and avid Mountain Biker
Alex AustinWeb Designer and Lifetime cyclist
Konstantinos Tsigaras
An indispensable part of any motorcycle adventure
Konstantinos TsigarasOn-road Tour Guide


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