Terms of Participation

Before making a reservation we encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they constitute a contract agreement made between Mythical Routes and you from the time of booking. By submitting a booking, you confirm that you comply with these arrangements.


  1. After registering, you will receive a confirmation with a registration fee invoice of 30% which must be paid within 7 days.
  2. The remaining 70% of the total travel cost is to be paid up to 30 days before the trip.
  3. For registrations less than 30 days before the trip, the full amount must be paid within 3 days of receiving the confirmation.
  4. If the total price has not been paid although it was due, Mythical Routes may decline the performance of the journey and charge the client cancellation fees. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. The client can withdraw from the travel contract at any time before the commencement of the journey by contacting the tour operator in writing.
  2. In the case of withdrawal by the client, the tour operator is entitled to lump-sum indemnities considering normally saved expenses and possible other utilization of the travel services.
  3. The participant will get a full tour refund if canceling more than 60 days before the trip.
  4. Cancellation 60-30 days before the trip: 50% of the total tour amount will be refunded.
  5. Cancellation less than 30 days before the trip: No refund will be given.
  6. If Mythical Routes cancels the trip, the total amount of the payment will be refunded to participants. Mythical Routes will inform the participants about a cancellation no later than 30 days before the trip. Mythical Routes is not liable for other costs for the trip, such as flight tickets.

Rider Documents

  • All participants must have a valid passport. A passport that expires during the trip is invalid.
  • All riders must have a valid Drivers License for Heavy motorcycles, category A.

Motorcycle Rentals

  1. All riders renting a motorcycle must be holders of an International Drivers license for Heavy motorcycles (category A) for over 2 years. US citizens must provide an International Driver's license since US licenses are not adequate for insurance claims inside the European Union.
  2. All riders must be equipped with DOT/ECE-approved riding gear at all times (helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots) and must ride in compliance with the national Highway Codes. By renting a motorcycle from us, the rider accepts full responsibility for all Parking violations and Driving violation penalties that could result from his bad use of such a motorcycle.
  3. Motorcycle rentals are available exclusively for participation in our tours and are not available for self-guided rental.
  4. Motorcycles used on off-road/single-track roads are not covered by any insurance under Greek law. When participating in an off-road adventure tour, the rider is entirely responsible for any damage caused to the motorcycle he is riding and any other person or vehicle he might crash during off-road/single-track sections.
  5. During tarmac/road sections, any damage caused wilfully or due to reckless behavior is not covered by any insurance.
  6. All motorcycle rentals require a refundable Warranty Damage Deposit, up to €1.500,00 per motorcycle depending on the model. The warranty damage deposit payment is to be paid (wire-transferred) to the bank account of the tour operator prior to the trip and will be fully refunded after the motorcycle gets inspected and shows no mechanical or cosmetical damage caused by the rider.
  7. KTM official dealers perform all motorcycle services. The tour operator or the tour guides are not responsible for any unpredicted vehicle mechanical breakdown of such motorcycles during a tour. All aftermarket accessories installed on the motorcycles are CE or TUV-approved, and Mythical Routes is not responsible for testing such certifications.


Mythical Routes cannot be held responsible for delays, modifications, partial or total cancellations, restrictions imposed by local, departmental, and regional authorities, or by severe climatic or external events (strikes, attacks, war, pandemics, etc). Mythical Routes is not liable for a missed flight due to changed itineraries or a delayed flight. Mythical Routes reserves the right to change information in brochures and on the website, before making a contract with a participant. Mythical Routes also reserves the right to carry out changes to the terms and conditions regarding the trip. Mythical Routes reserves the right to change itineraries due to unexpected situations and does not answer for possible typing errors.

Travel Insurance

Tours are covered with Tour Operator Liability Coverage according to Directive (EU) 2015/2302, but participants are required to have health and accident insurance that also covers transportation back to their home country. Insurance documents must be presented upon demand. We recommend that all our customers check what their home insurance covers. Some insurances have a cancellation cover that covers the entire amount or part of it.


The customer is liable in any case for all personal injuries and damage to property caused by his/her intentional misconduct or negligence and shall indemnify and hold Mythical Routes harmless against all third-party claims asserted directly on Mythical Routes in connection with such injuries and/or damage. Damage caused by a customer’s intentional misconduct or negligence means in particular (but is not limited to) damage attributable to driving mistakes, lack of driving ability, and/or disorderly driving behavior (for instance, driving on the back wheel making a racing start or failing to comply with safety spaces between vehicles).

Governing Law

Any claim relating to the Mythical Routes Tours and our Services including payments, cancellations, equipment, and motorcycle usage and rental, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Greece without regard to its conflict of law provisions. General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are applicable to the use of this Web Site.

Image rights

Mythical Routes uses professional video and photography agents and uses the images obtained for its communication. Also, journalists may be present to cover the event and publish reports on various media. By registering, the participants accept without compensation possibly appearing in multiple videos and photos relating to Mythical Routes.