In a simple and completely understandable way, we manage to turn in just one day the doubt and fear of riding an enjoyable sport. Our partners at the Motorcycle Riding Academy, lead by chief-instructor enduro champion and Dakar Rally racer Thanasis Choudras, run specialized workshops for all types of riders. Whether it is your first step into travel enduro, or you are a competitor who wants to improve his technique and his results, we can custom-built each session to suit your needs.



This is what you need to improve the control of any adventure motorcycle off-road. Exploration and routes in the gravel have their secrets and their own rules. What preparation does the motorcycle need? What is the appropriate posture and position of the body depending on the shape of the ground, the slope, and the slipperiness? How do we choose our path on an impassable road? How do we brake off-road on a 250kg motorcycle?
Lessons take place at the RIDING SCHOOL closed course, in individual meetings lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Off-road Riding School Price: €150/rider
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Being true to our motto of providing the best possible service, we have partnered with Motorcycle Riding Academy, the only complete school for Safe Motorcycle Riding in Greece, with Riding Instructors hand-picked for their knowledge, their skills, and the ability to teach and share this knowledge with care and enthusiasm.

Θανάσης Χούντρας
Chief Instructor w/Dakar experience, founder of the Motorcycle Riding Academy
Θανάσης ΧούντραςChief Instructor & Motorcycle Riding Academy founder

Thanasis has won 3 enduro championships and has many victories & distinctions in the 23 years he participated in numerous national and international competitions. He is the first Greek to participate in the Dakar Rally on a motorcycle (1997), but also in Touquet's Enduro (1985) as well as in 24-hour races of the World Endurance Championship and has participated in 4 Camel Trophies.

In 1998 and after 16 years in races of all kinds (enduro, speed, supermoto) he founded the Riding School with the goal to help and educate new riders.


KTM 790 Adventure r
KTM 690 Enduro R

You can join our Off-road Training programs with your own motorcycle or with one rented by us. Note that all motorcycle rentals are available only for participation in a Training Course before a Motorcycle Tour.