Mythical Routes has been welcomed and promoted by many established brands in the worldwide adventure community like KLIM, Enduristan, and AltRider. Our adventures have been highlighted by photography and overland magazines like the Overland Journal, iFocus Magazine and by Nikon the most iconic brand in the photography industry.

nikon greece
overland journal
overland times
overland times
nikon greece
overland journal
overland times
overland times

Cycle News

Cycle News, one of the most respected media sources in the motorcycle industry, printed a weekly motorcycle newspaper for more than 40 years until ceasing publication in August 2010. Under new ownership, Cycle News re-launched a weekly publication via an all-digital format in February 2011. The magazine and website continue to thrive as “America’s Motorcycle News Source”.

Offroad Underground

Offroad Underground is an online Adventure, Dual Sport, Offroad & Moto photography magazine, founded by established US photographer Simon Cudby, and partnered with many established brands like Alpinestars, Canon, and more.

Overland Journal

Overland Journal is a perfect-bound magazine printed on high-quality stock, published five times per year. From a premier-issue length of 96 pages, we have increased to the current 136 pages. Our strict standards for writing and photography, in addition to our striking layout, means that our subscribers receive an expedition and adventure travel magazine that is at once inspiring, informative, and attractive.

Winter ed. 2017 issue did an extensive presentation of the Mythical Routes project, entitled "Riding the Trails of Time", both in German and in English language.

Enduristan GmbH

Enduristan GmbH was founded in 2008 by Christoph von Ow, Isabel Jenni, and David Jenni. The company aims to design and produce innovative, high-quality products for individualists for the touring markets. Enduristan engineers and distributes first-class motorcycle luggage.

Mythical Routes founders, Angelo Baltoyannis & Paris Baltoyannis, are Enduristan Ambassadors since 2017. Enduristan ( is a Swiss premium motorcycle luggage manufacturer that specializes into Adventure Luggage Systems that are 100% weatherproof. Mythical Routes and Enduristan collaboration for 2018 resulted in the production of a Special Edition Mythical Routes Product Catalogue with all of Enduristan's 2018-2019 products.

Overland Times

Overland Times is a new Media, News and Publishing Company with premier publication for the self-reliant vehicle expeditions, adventure travel throughout the world, travel photography publications and historic articles.

In collaboration with Mythical Routes, Overland Times has published the book "Memories from the East", a research on the pioneers and practitioners of Travel Photography, all the way back to the 1850s. These are the photographers that invented this genre of photography that involves the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs, and history.

Nikon Greece

Nikon is the most iconic brand in the photography industry today. It is the brand most used by the landscape, wildlife and action photographers and our personal choice for the last 10-15 year. As you can read in our Nikon D850 post, we are currently working exclusively on Nikon cameras (D850, D750, D300S, D200) and Nikon FX Gold Ring lenses, both zoom, and prime.

In late 2018 we were truly honored to be featured by Nikon Greece and from 2019 we are planning on working closely together in many sub-projects, always under the Mythical Routes concept.

LCFH Expedition

LCFH Expedition is a German overland online magazine for the vehicle-dependent adventure travel community in Europe, 4x4 vehicles, adventure motorcycling, bicycle travels, overland gear, and world culture.

 LCFH Expedition did an extensive article to present Mythical Routes in the world-wide overland comunity.

Klim (Teton Outfitters, LLC)

Klim (Teton Outfitters, LLC) is the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motorsports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Klim builds gear for the most demanding riders, riders like us that want to focus on our ride, our photography, our adventure. Klim has been one of our first supporters, right from the beginning. In the last four years, we have extensively used most of its gear, and from 2016 both founders have been contracted official Klim ambassadors and athletes.

We have been putting KLIM gear to the test constantly over these last few years and crash-tested them a couple of times and in 2017 we produced for Klim's Greek distributor a short promotional video for the 626 series.

iFocus Magazine

iFocus is an online photography magazine that is also running photography workshops and art galleries. Mythical Routes co-founder, photographer, and artistic director Angelo Baltoyannis has worked closely with iFocus in 2018 and contributed to teaching all about adventure travel photography with a series of lectures and a dedicated Adventure Travel category.