Sacred Astronomy


Original title: Ιερή Αστρονομία

Author: George Baltoyannis

English language

Translation: Chris Loutroutzis

Editing: Lorraine Adams

Graphic design: Angelo Baltoyannis

eBook pagination: Angelo Baltoyannis

Ancient Greek Architecture

Design layout: Mythical Routes

Editor in chief: Angelo Baltoyannis

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In a first world publication, a fascinating and in-depth research that reveals the true significance of Astronomy for Hellenism in Antiquity and how it was used practically for political, diplomatic and military purposes, combined with Greek mythology. In this book we examine how the spread of Hellenism over the geographical area was the result of the conquest of the Astral Tholos, which gave the Greek to acquire Geostrategic logic.


EVERY NIGHT, THE CELESTIAL DOME,dominates over our Earth, and he who possesses it automatically becomes the Master of the Earth. In this book we will examine how the spread of Hellenism on the geographical space, was the result of the conquest of the Astral dome, a fact which positioned the Greeks in the advantageous position of acquiring a geo-strategical logic.
One can easily perceive, that all of this, has happened over a long period of time and we are nowadays unprepared to understand it’s importance, as the knowledge of the operation of the Celestial dome is a subject bypassed in modern education, and we jump straight into Space, ignoring that our current space successes are still based on the functions of the ancient Celestial dome.
It is a work spanning many centuries, which was carried out by many Greek Astronomers, of which we know only of 188. However, it is possible for us to acquire a completed education, by starting with common logic. During the course of our study however, we will be proceeding spherically around Knowledge, due to the fact that the World of the Ancients is multidimensional, and each of their conquests was also extended and applied into their social life.
This way we will discover our spiritual proximity to our ancient ancestors, even if we are separated by thousands of years. Even our own worship is the projection of their own decisions, as the ancient world was a world of research on all fields of human activity. If we accept as a fact that the World leader of today is situated in Washington, we will seek for the answers to the questions, who was the previous World leader, where was he, and what was his association to the modern world.
The whole process of research creates complex emotions, as we transition from one historical site to the other and from one dimension to another. And this is because the Celestial dome essentially does not exist; it is a fictional impression of the visual system, which the Ancient ancestor turned into a real and functional one, for future generations.
When, during a starlit night, we find ourselves away from the city lights and turn our gaze to the sky, we will see that it is filled with stars. The spectacle is amazing, however, every one deals with it in a different manner, depending on the emotion of the moment and his knowledge regarding the Earth. The initiated, when looking at the sum of constellations, he will start to point to Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Draco, Cepheus and Cassiopeia and everyone will listen to him with bewilderment(im. ). Because we all know the great movie stars like Greta Garbo, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and many others. But who might the stars on the sky be and who placed them there?
On a different day with a clear sky, if we are initiated in the art of reading this part of the celestial dome, we will see these sums of starts again, but in a different position on the Celestial dome. Then, we will begin to realize that movement plays an important role and that will be confirmed, the more we learn about the history of these constellations. If our interest on the Celestial dome continues, then we will notice more gatherings of stars, like Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus, which periodically appear on the sky. Next, going back to the myth of Perseus, we will begin to realize that this celestial movement is associated to the myth and that all of this is a celestial theatrical direction. The movement of these stellar sums functions in a cinematographic way, where the scene changes depending on time. Naturally, our surprise will become even greater when these stellar gatherings assume a form(im.2) because the western civilization fought hard for the prevalence of form during the Byzantine period of iconoclasm. So, we will be searching for the director, like Stanley Kubrick, John Ford or even Francis Ford Coppola. This way, we will reach the point of comparison, seeking for the cast and crew of this celestial conception, to award them with the Oscar for the best script, direction and acting.
The major movie studios may have spent vast amounts for the promotion of the stars of the 7th art, but they never reached or exceeded the duration of the projection of Heracles, whom we see roaming among the stars. All of this represents a vast, time spanning work, carried out by many intellectuals of a different era, which we should examine in depth. Thus we will discover the mechanism, based on which this entire system functioned, to rate this body of work, the results of which are evident on the Celestial dome surrounding us. So then, to approach the projected figures of the “celestial cinematograph”, we will research the Heroes of mythology, who seem to have been actual individuals with personal lives and deeds, who, after their death, transitioned for some reason into the sphere of the imagination.

The researcher,

George Baltoyannis


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Celestial Dome of the Greeks (In General)

  1. Astronomy and Astrology
  2. Initiation to the astral dome
  3. Astral and geographical system
  4. Loose federation
  5. Celestial cinematograph
  6. Artistic and political choice

Chapter 2 – Heracles (In General)

  1. Historical framework
  2. Heracles and the stars
  3. The mythological course of Heracles
  4. Data analysis
  5. Orphic Template
  6. Coordinates
  7. Projection of the image
  8. Conclusions and the worship of Heracles
    I. Spherical logic
    II. Revival of Orphism
    III. Geostrategy
    IV. Worship of Heracles

Chapter 3 – Mnemonic summary of chapters 1 and 2

  1. Celestial dome
  2. Ecliptic
  3. Heracles

Chapter 4 – The secrets of special “effects”

  1. Anthropocentrism
  2. Astral design
  3. Astral aesthetics
  4. Celestial Dragon
  5. Astral chronology
  6. Chthonic Apollo

Chapter 5 – Integrated thought

  1. Colonial policy
  2. Cartography-Portolans
  3. Architect God
  4. Columbus
  5. Transcendence of Alexander the Great


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