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The Mythical Routes project took form in 2017 and its website has served as an interactive instrument of knowledge, that helps spread the ideas and facts of Ancient Greek Architecture throughout the international community. In 2019 Mythical Routes Publications (Mythical Books) was formed to undertake the work of producing and publishing English electronic book versions (eBooks) of all the historical books written by George Baltoyannis, author of many best selling books in Greece. Supervision of all publications is done by architect and editor-in-chief Angelo Baltoyannis, contributor and illustrator of all original five Greek books:

  • Dionysus Revelation (Athens 1997)
  • Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena (Athens 1998)
  • Sacred Architecture (Athens 2002)
  • Holy Sacramental Journey to Greece (Athens 2005)
  • Sacred Astronomy (Athens 2008)


Ancient Greek Architecture | Chthonic and Celestial

With more than 30 years of Historical research on the relation between Ancient Architecture and Ancient Religion, George’s books and theories have been embraced by the Università Degli Studi dell’Aquila in Italy, where he was invited several times to give lectures to the students. In addition, theories of the book Sacred Architecture have been integrated into the curriculum of the lesson “Elements of Geometry” of the University of Ioannina in Greece. Mr. Baltoyannis is the author of The Revelation of Dionysus and The Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena. With Sacred Architecture, his third book, he became a best seller author and made a reputation for himself with his groundbraking theories. The following books are soon to be released in English translated text with updated designs and interactive features:

Memories of the East

In 1961 George was in Rome studying architecture. In those days you could easily walk the streets of the Italian capital and admire its architectural monuments, taking ideas from the rich past of the Eternal City. There the style of the various eras focuses one’s gaze to be stamped on one’s memory. On 27 October, under the usual cloudy sky, he found himself near the Piazza Della Repubblica, heading towards the subway station when he approached some outdoor bookstores along the side of the road, which in those days were rich in printed material from another era.

His eye fell on a book that was bound in the old way and very worn on the outside. No one paid any attention to it. When he opened it, he remained transfixed on the old photos inside from the Middle East. It was an album of memories of a P. Balestra who had visited the area, perhaps in 1882. He doesn’t know why, but felt a strange attraction to that album; in spite of his financial difficulties, he bought it, haggling the already low price of 500 lire, about €0.26.

The years have passed since then, but he often looked through it with friends and noticed everyone’s interest in it. So after 40 years, George decided to research the album, giving it the same title as P. Balestra had, “Ricordi d’ Oriente” – “Memories of the East”.


eBook Publishing

Mythical Routes can help you produce and publish many types of books with various formats, like free-flow ePubs and fixed-format PDFs, all fully interactive and Illustrated. For more information, please inquiry at:

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