Greece is the southernmost of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. About 80% of Greece consists of mountains or hills, making Greece one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Mount Olympus at 2.917 m (Larissa region) and mount Smolikas at 2.637 m (Ioannina region) are the two highest peaks of Greece, both unreachable by motorized vehicles.

Kajmakčalan (Voras) is a mountain on the border between Greece and North Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), with a WWI battle site memorial and a Serbian-built Orthodox chapel on the top, with the frontier between the two countries that runs across the summit.

2022 Mythical Routes Voras 01

The Profitis Ilias chapel at mount Voras at 2.524 m (8.281 ft) is the third highest peak in Greece and the highest mountain pass accessible by an enduro single-trail. That was our conclusive target in a 3-days epic off-road adventure in Macedonia, Greece joined by our northern adventure friends - nicknamed "Dusted". Our weapon of choice was the KTM 690 Enduro R, equipped with a small Enduristan tank bag and tail bag and the Giant Loop Coyote saddlebag that would carry all our camping and riding gear.

Our adventure started in Katerini, where we entered the Pierian Mountains northern of the imposing presence of mount Olympus after a short stretch of twisty roads. After many river passes and rarely used trails, we reached Polyfytos lake reservoir and headed straight to our D1-Camp spot at Naousa, Vermio. Tired but full of wonderful images we dinned and called it the day.

2022 Mythical Routes Voras 07

Day two found us riding hard at around 2000 m high mountain ridges, with epic scenery of the plateau beneath us and Smolical peak staring us from a distance. After a stop at Nymfeo for tsipouro and something to eat, we headed to our D2-Camp spot, the Prespa National Park. Great views, virgin remote trails, good weather, and great friends. What more could you ask?

The third and last day of the tour was the most challenging when we tried to ride across the northern borders and over the 2170 m mountain pass of Varnoundas - the Greek part of the Pelister National Park, where we found an almost three meters snow wall in our way. The group was split at that point based on safety reasons since everyone that was not feeling comfortable riding on the snow, right by a deep 1000+ meters drop was suggested to follow a trail back to the tarmac.

Our small remaining group, after completing this pass, had two more goals for the day. To ride through a hard uncharted trail leading to Voras mountain, and once at the Kajmakčalan ski center, to ride a 3,5 km single trail that would take us all the way from 2.000 m to the Profitis Ilias chapel at 2.524 m (8.281 ft), the third-highest peak in Greece and the highest mountain pass accessible by any motorized vehicle through a single-trail.

2022 Mythical Routes Voras 07