Do you need some Free and Legal maps for your Garmin GPS?

OpenStreetMaps is the answer!

  • Required: Garmin GPS, 2gb blank MicroSD memory card, internet access.
  • Caution: OpenStreetMap maps are free, updated frequently and contain very great detail, but provided no guarantee for the completeness or accuracy of the contents.

The acquisition of a top with Garmin GPS navigation means that you spend enough money for the unit cost, which increases if you want to expand the capabilities of your new GPS (the basic map of the device is almost useless). Following these steps will install easily and fast navigation maps on your Garmin GPS:

Insert the MicroSD memory card into the port on your computer, use the relative MicroSD to SD card adapter if necessary. Ensure that the memory card is completely empty. Create a folder "Garmin" in the memory card.

Visit Freizeitkarte ( and from the menu select "Maps". There you can find the country that you are interested in. We will be searching for maps of Greece. Once you have located it, download the first option below the country name, "Garmin GPS-device: Greece - install image for micro SD card (0.2 GB)".

Download file from the link and unzip it (unzip). When finished unpacking the gmapsupp.img file will appear which must be copied to the folder "Garmin" which opened in MicroSD memory card.

Place the MicroSD to your Garmin device. Turn on your Garmin and wait to find a signal ("Satellite fix acquired"), you may have to wait a few seconds more than the usual start time while the device writes itself other necessary files in MicroSD. Turn on the map screen and start to move. It is likely to take 2-3 minutes until you find your correct location on the map.

Enjoy your free map!