As adventure riders, we travel with all kinds of weather and carry a lot of gear. We always needed a luggage system that is light, 100% weatherproof and rugged. We use a lot of electronics like cameras, laptops, and drones, so our luggage system must provide all the protection electronics require.

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In 2017 Enduristan GmbH, a Swiss premium motorcycle luggage manufacturer that specializes in Adventure Luggage Systems offered to support our project with many different luggage solutions like saddlebags, tank-bags, tail-bags, and backpacks. In our routes gear gets seriously tested, so we could provide constant feedback back to Enduristan headquarters.

In 2018 both Mythical Routes founders became official Enduristan Ambassadors.

Their collaboration with Enduristan GmbH produced a limited edition Mythical Routes | Enduristan 2018-2019 product catalog, which features all of Enduristan products as viewed from our perspective, rich in the Hellenic Landscape.

Mythical Routes | Enduristan Catalogue 2018-2019