Epirus is a geographical and historical region in southeastern Europe. It lies between the Pindus Mountains and the Ionian Sea, stretching from the Bay of Vlorë and the Acroceraunian mountains in the north to the Ambracian Gulf and the ruined Roman city of Nicopolis in the south.

A rugged and mountainous region, Epirus was the north-west area of ancient Greece. It was inhabited by the Greek tribes of the Chaonians, Molossians, and Thesprotians, and home to the sanctuary of Dodona, the oldest ancient Greek oracle, and the most prestigious one after Delphi. Unified into a single state in 370 BC by the Aeacidae dynasty, Epirus achieved fame during the reign of Pyrrhus of Epirus who fought the Roman Republic in a series of campaigns. Epirus subsequently became part of the Roman Republic along with the rest of Greece in 146 BC, which was followed by the Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire.

Epirus is facing a threat with catastrophic consequences for the environment, livestock farming, crops, livestock farming, and the ever-growing tourist product. Exports of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) pose a threat to public health and a serious deterioration of the protected areas of Epirus.

Epirus is one of the few areas in Europe that has such healthy ecosystems. Epirus has the richest and cleanest water reserves in Greece, which are in turn at risk.

The inhabitants of Epirus respond to these plans, forming an opposition movement of thousands of people who raise the issue at local, national and international level. Greater environmental organizations in the country and Greenpeace have been actively involved in the struggle of the local community as well as in all the collective organs of migrant Epirus.

By supporting the actions and by actively participating in this struggle, we help to preserve for us and the next generations the hydrological center of the country, the national parks with the rare animal species, the products with quality characteristics and the hygiene of the people living in this place.

Say No to Oil and Gas Extraction!

At a time when fuel is coming to an end, it is absurd for such an intervention to take place in Epirus. You can get all the latest news, help, support and follow the Save Epirus Project at their Social media links.

Meet Gregorio

All images in this article are provided by our friend, Mountain Engineer, Ocean Enthusiast and Coffee Lover Gregorio Papageorgiou Anriquez, a Commander of the Merchant Navy, with an origin from Epirus and Argentina!

He declares that he loves the sea and travels with his motorcycle around the world, hence the plethora of his photos from all over the world. Support his passion by following his Instagram account.

Epirus Awareness Ride

Both founding members Angelo and Paris Baltoyannis are originated from Epirus, so our involvement is personal. All Mythical Routes contributors are genuine ambassadors of the Adventure Life. We love to wander with our adventure motorcycles traversing every corner of Greece, trying to capture the natural beauty and essence of our landscape and our culture.

We are planning an Epirus Awarness Ride this summer with riding, hiking, camping and other epic activites that we hope will showcase this natural treasure and help protect the future of Epirus.