Original title: Ιερό Ταξίδι στην Μυστηριακή Ελλάδα

Author: George Baltoyannis

English language

Translation: Chris Loutroutzis

Editing: Lorraine Adams

Graphic design: Angelo Baltoyannis

eBook pagination: Angelo Baltoyannis

Ancient Greek Architecture

Design layout: Mythical Routes

Editor in chief: Angelo Baltoyannis

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The well-known researcher and architect George Baltoyiannis, author of the best seller Sacred Architecture, becomes our precious guide to a unique trip to the most important ancient sanctuaries of Greece. These mystical key places, which with their energy and radiant wisdom supported the top culture that inspired and continues to inspire Humanity, come to life in front of our eyes, with all their glory and majesty. At the same time, through the “Sacred Journey”, the great work of the ancient Greek Priesthood is revealed in all its splendor and its decisive role in the development of a society that is still an unsurpassed pattern.

The book also interprets the logic of the Archaeological Sites, where the Architect constructs according to Vitruvius as a master master, serving the religion and political feasibility of the city-state, with knowledge of Geometry, History, Philosophy, Music, Medicine, Law and Astronomy.


ENTERING THE “METRO” STATION OF ATHENS from Syntagma Square, in the large atrium of a stairway, on the right hand on the wall, there is a huge stratigraphy of the area. Suddenly then, you begin to realize that going forward to enter the train, you are on the ground of the 7th century B.C. Then, your eyes start to move up , until the stratigraphy brings you to your own time. Thus you understand that there is a thick layer of civilization beneath the streets of Athens, and there are very few cities in this world where the people have this luxury.
So you start to think, recreating history…Down here is where Solon the Athenian used to walk, who relieved anyone who was in debt from the Damoclean Sword of slavery with the “Seisactheia”. Slightly above Democritus of Abdera used to walk, who taught the atomic theory, and Zeno of Elea, the teacher of Pericles. But also Protagoras of Abdera, who was condemned by the Athenians for atheism, together with Socrates, Alcibiades and Plato with his student, Aristotle. A little higher above taught Chrysippus of Cilicia, on the same streets that the cynic Diogenes of Sinope used to walk. Somewhere there Epicurus of Samos could be found, who taught the release from the fear of death through “ataraxia”.
There is a lot to remember while you observe, in the various height of the statigraphy, pottery of various eras and graves of people, who once existed and lived just like you, but more dynamic. Now they are there, remaining still in the ground, but their spirit roams in the great hall, the shape of which gives the impression of a large box, in which many people race to catch the “metro” train.
This “Metro” station is a miniature of Greece, which resembles Pandora’s box, which once opened, releases many good and bad things, in a time sequence of consecutive civilizations, that draw from each other and their logic should be sought. So you exit the “Metro” station looking for the traces of these civilizations in the archaeological sites, each of which is a pebble of a mosaic that you should compose.
So then, you begin to observe that this mosaic is huge. It descends into the chthonic space and ascends to the celestial, and it keeps expanding into the cardinal points. Its composition is a time consuming process that requires patience, perseverance, method and practice, the experience of an old man and the flexibility of the young, but above all a spherical knowledge and great imagination, in order to get objective results. There will be errors and misfires, but these will start to become limited the less dogmatic you become. It is by this logic that we should enter each archaeological site, trying to comprehend the logic of the Ancients.

The researcher,

George Baltoyannis


Table of Contents


  1. In General
    A. Logic of Space
    B. Political religious logic
    C. Territorial Dependency
  2. Acropolis
    A. Celestial Space
    POSITION 2 Parthenon B (Salamis – Pallini)
    POSITION 3 Parthenon C (Libya – Troy)
    Parthenon C1
    POSITION 4 Parthenon A (Eleusis – Braubrona)
    POSITION 6 Erectheion E (Libya – Parnitha)
    Parthenon C2
    B. Architectural Logic
    C. Chthonic Space
    D. Tribal Conflict
    POSITION 7 Erectheion D (Sicily – Mesopotamia)
  3. Mnemonic Summary
  4. Precession of the Panathenaic Games
  5. Beyond the Architectural composition
    A. Color Analysis
    B. Design Analysis
    C. Visual Image
    D. Religious Adaptation
    E. From Myth to History
    F. Cosmic Center
    G. Astral Geography
    H. Theater – Amphitheater
  6. Orphic Template


  1. To the Land of the Dead
    a. Eleusis (ritual center of the Greeks)
    b. Sanctuary of the Cabeiri (religious center of the Thracian people)
    c. Delphi (Administrative religious center of the Greeks)
    d. Necromanteion (Death) (Western gate of mortals)
  2. To the mountain of the celestial gods
    a. Dodoni (Religious center of the people of Epirus)
    b. Dion (Religious center of the Macedonians)
  3. To the city of light
    a. Mythological park
    b. Braubrona (Athens children boarding house for girls)
    c. Delos (Life) (eastern Gate of gods)
  4. The 113th Olympic Games – 3628 B.C.
    a. Epidauros (hospital center of the Greeks)
    b. Olympia (sports center of the Greeks)
  5. To the homeland of Zeus
    a. Theocratic society
  6. Traveling to the stars

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