There is no denying that Greece is truly blessed with majestic scenery and rich ancient history. One can only feel awe when witnessing a sunset by the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, the Southernmost Cape of Attica. After all, according to the myth, when Theseus departed for Crete to return back to his father, he was supposed to put up white sails if he was successful in killing the Minotaur. However, when Theseus returned, he forgot these instructions. When Aegeus saw the black sails coming into Athens, mistaken in his belief that his son had been slain, he killed himself by jumping from that cliff in front of the temple of Poseidon into the sea which was therefore known as the Aegean Sea.

Witness that sunset in our God of Atlantis adventure

Thankfully Greece is also a motorcycle paradise! Our climate is mild and there is almost no probation for riding off-road in amazing routes. Our carefully planned Adventures connect the most important archeological sites with each-other, giving emphasis on the adventure experience while riding through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, hiking remote dragon lakes and sleeping under a million stars in isolated hi-planes.

While some say that nothing is better than exploring these lands on your trusted motorcycle, always accompanied by one of our highly skilled guides, this is not always possible. For the biggest part of riders shipping their own motorcycle in Greece for a week or two just doesn’t worth the effort. Should this stop you? Certainly not, since you can use one of our carefully prepared motorcycles!

All of our Adventure Motorcycle Guided Tours and Expeditions come with a leading Tour Guide rider and the possibility of a 4×4 Support Vehicle if required.

Our belief is that only when you ride with a local you can see the true face of this country. When you visit Greece without your motorcycle, you can always join our Expeditions with a BMW Motorrad motorcycle provided by us, fully prepared with everything it needs for a true adventure. We are partners with BMW Motorrad Vagianelis SA, one of the oldest BMW Motorrad dealer in Greece, so all of our motorcycles are carefully prepared and serviced with the highest standards and certifications available.



From 2019 we can provide the use of almost any BMW motorcycle from the GS range, like the versatile F850GS we are using as a Tour Leader motorcycle, the mighty R1200GS/GSA and by the end of season the brand new R1250GS, as part of our Adventure Motorcycle Guided Tours and Expeditions. The GS range is perfect for Greece’s rough terrain featuring a high loading capacity, ease of use and top of the line rider comfort.

We would never use or recommend a product that is not 100% adventure ready

All motorcycles can be equiped upon request with the OEM hard luggage system without any additional cost, or with the best possible luggage solution from Swiss-company Enduristan, like the Monsoon 3 saddlebags and the Pannier Toppers that give a combined 75lt of 100% weatherproof space for everything you might need and the 7lt Sandstorm tang bag for safe store of all your electronics. Further additions from the Enduristan product range can be made upon special request. For a complete list of all available luggage options for purchase or rent, please visit Most Wanted Warehouse | Enduristan in Greece.

When only the best is good enough, KLiM is the answer for us

Another exclusive that we offer to our clients, is the option to rent KLiM riding gear from us, or the possibility to buy brand new KLiM riding gear with special discounts. We take riding experience and protection very seriously and with our “Mythical Discount” you can return home with a real bargain! To check all available KLiM models valid for this great offer, please visit Most Wanted Warehouse | KLiM in Greece.