Paris Baltoyannis (Πάρις Μπαλτογιάννης) graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece as a Landscape Architect and from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece as an Interior Designer. He has done postgraduate studies in the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti in Turin, Italy in Decoration and Scenography.

In 2004-2005 he was occupied in the Environmental Administration of Municipality of Voula, Greece and in 2010 he co-founded ArchiCulture, an architectural office in Athens, Greece. Much about his work can be found at his LinkedIn profile.

The Mythical Routes project

Alongside with his work as a Landscape Architect, his passion for motorcycles has been constant for the last 20 years. Paris has extensively ridden many off-road miles and has traveled mainly around Europe. Being very passionate about architecture, history, and adventure, in 2017 he co-founded with his brother Angelo the Mythical Routes project, in an effort to combine the scientific knowledge that he had acquired all these years, with their passion for exploration and Adventure motorcycling.

Mesmerizing ancient Messene

Trying to understand the construction aliments of Ancient Greek Temples and the connections that existed between them, they are trying to recreate the Ancient Mythical Routes that were first introduced in the history books of their father, Architect, and Author George Baltoyannis. Since 2017 Paris has been actively engaged as an Adventure and Historical Tour Guide for Mythical Routes. As he quotes:

We have decided to create the Mythical Routes website as an interactive instrument of knowledge, that will help spread the ideas and facts of Ancient Greek Architecture throughout the Adventure Community, both Greek and International.

Stepping up the game on the SevenZeroOne

The project has been welcomed and appreciated by the international adventure community, the press, and many adventure oriented brands. Klim, Enduristan, AltRider and Aurora Rally Equipment have been very supportive and interested to contribute.

The best way to connect selected archaeological sites with unique routes of great aesthetic beauty, is by motorcycle Adventure Traveling. Our routes cover gravel roads for the most part and bring you closer to the least visited parts of Greece.

Motorcycling Highlights

Since the late 90s, Paris has passed from most motorcycle categories, with a solid background on racing tracks and super-sport motorcycles. Later on, he switched to enduro bikes and soon fell in love with big twin off-road twins. Since 2014 he has been actively contributing to the adventure community, organizing multiple non-profit Adventure Rallies and Events for motorcycle clubs and brands.

Paris’s contribution to the international ADV community has been noticed by KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC), a US-based global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the motorcycle rider.

From 2017 Paris is supported by KLiM, when he became an official KLIM Ambassador, with Adventure and History coming together.

Adventure Rally Planner

In 2015 Paris co-organized with his brother Angelo the first ever annual KTM Adventure Rider Rally in Greece, an Adventure Rally aiming to gather under a common ride, all the Greek large displacement KTM motorcycle owners.

The route was aimed at the more skillful off-road rider and contained single-tracks, beautiful free-ride trails, and steep descents. The driving skills of the majority of the participants were tested and everyone was filled with beautiful images and intense experiences.

In 2016 the second annual KTM Adventure Rally took place with more participants and trickier tracks.


Paris undertook in 2015 the role of co-organizer and host in Greece for the March Moto Madness Adventure Rally, an annual Worldwide Rally happening in the last days of March simultaneous in over 14 countries worldwide!

The three-day event is based at a campsite and composed by a medium distance trail ride and a trials track for the following day, all designed for large Twin Adventure bikes. The MMM has been a blast and a new edition is happening every year.

For more info, images, videos and future events, visit the March Moto Madness Greece facebook page.


Rider Certifications

Through the years of his riding, Angelo has had a long history in road & track riding, with various motorcycles. In addition to the experience he gained in the tracks, he completed all the training courses by the California Superbike School, a team dedicated to educating the Art of Cornering for to riders. The Greek branch is a fully qualified branch and is one of the four in the world with its own coaching team.


Around the 2000s he switched to big adventure motorcycles and his riding style started shifting to off-road / rally. Since only large cc twin beasts could combine his riding past with his riding present, his involvement in the Greek Adventure community was logical. In addition to the vast experience gained within the various Adventure Rallies he organized or joined, he completed all the advanced courses by BMW Motorrad Greece Off-Road Training.