In my 30+ years of riding, I have used almost every available motorcycle boot in the market. Sometimes as practical footwear and sometimes as protection equipment, but in the latest chapter of my story as an off-road adventure rider, I always wear off-road motorcycle boots as the only acceptable way to protect my feet from serious injury. So, like most of us, MX boots were the only way to go, and the Sidi brand in particular was the golden standard.

Since 2014 we have partnered with BMW, KTM, Klim, and more, but I would only wear Sidi boots since I value health more than business. We are not affiliated or partnered with Sidi, and all my boots are purchased in retail.

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Sidi Motocross boots are a dream! They are very comfortable since day one and offer high levels of protection from impact with rocks and branches or a motorcycle dropping on your leg. They can be worn every day in long expeditions, and with a variety of MX shocks, they can handle almost any weather. Top-level models, like the Crossfire, offer a twin hinge system at your ankle, so you can flex it but it is still built like a tank when an accident occurs. We have heard of broken ankle tales from hard aluminum luggage, making MX boots a must-wear item, but that is another topic of its own.

I honestly could wear MX boot forever, if only they did not have one major flaw. Water. Motocross boots are not waterproof, not even weatherproof to be honest. And if you can handle wet shocks from water crossing, riding in the winter is simply ridiculous.

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If you have ever understood microclimate, then it is easy to understand that rider comfort, thus ride quality, goes out the window as soon as you get wet. And this is where Gore-Tex gear comes into play, and adventure boots make sense.

I was introduced to the Sidi Adventure boots in the EICMA show in Milan during a business meeting break, and this information literally transformed my motorcycle riding experience. These are not cheap, but as soon as you stand in a river, or ride under heavy rain, you instantly get that you get what you pay for. And with these, you get performance in spades!

The Sidi adventure boots, both versions, are built with "premium" in mind. They are heavy but comfortable as hiking boots are 100% waterproof almost to full height, breathable, can be worn mid-summer with a thinner shock and mid-winter with a heavier shock, and will protect you 85% as any MX boot would.

In addition to all of the above, now you can walk in comfort around a site or the center of a village, and stand on the pegs all day long as with your MX boots. I'll be keeping my old motocross boots for technical enduro trails only, but won't be riding adventure or tarmac travels without my Sidi Adventure boots.

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Slightly less protective than an MX boot, but perfectly adapted to adventure traveling needs.