Everyone has their personal taste when it comes to gloves. Let's start with the fact that I hate thick winter gloves and rarely use them. So for me to choose thick winter fully insulated gloves were out of the question. I wear almost exclusively enduro gloves all year round, so I only needed a second waterproof and breathable glove as part of my arsenal for when I hit the tarmac in a cold winter ride, or when we get these winter rainy rides off-road.

When KLiM suggested that we give a try at their all-new for 2017 collection, the Adventure, and the Quest gloves, we were not sure how to choose one. The new Adventure glove was supposed to be replacing the original Adventure glove, but not really. The new Adventure glove is a much thicker, Gore-Tex glove that shines in cold weather, but hasn't got a chance in replacing the original glove in Mediterranean climates. The glove that actually replaces the original KLiM Adventure glove is the KLiM Dakar Pro glove, but we'll get into that in a future post.

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Then we read the specs and figured out that they are not actually insulated winter gloves, but they were designed for the touring & off-road rider that need waterproof gloves that do not lose the feedback from the bike. We finally opted for the Quest Long glove, since we would use them only in bad and very cold weather and mainly for on-road use. The Quest felt a bit comfier than the Adventure and the "long" version is the only way to go for full protection in wet conditions.

The Quest/Adventure gloves are not winter gloves like the KLiM Elite gloves (that actually feature 160 grams of insulation), but the advanced Gore-Tex® waterproof and breathable climate control systems ensure that they go the distance year after year. In the heart of the Greek winter, your fingers are warm, but a set of heated grips wouldn't hurt. The Autumn and Spring mountain-cold weather are where they really shine. You feel comfy and nice and even when it gets a bit hot, the breathable construction helps you to keep cool. When it comes to waterproofness, well I rest my case. There is absolutely no way that the water gets inside. Period!

Overall we are very happy with our choice and I thank that it is an essential part of any Adventure Gear as a complimentary waterproof glove -or- as the main glove in really bad or snowy situations.

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Quest glove Features

  • Gore-Tex® + Gore Grip technology
  • guaranteed to keep you Dry®
  • all leather construction
  • gauntlet design for over or under cuff use
  • Poron® XRD® protective foam under hard knuckle protector & under palm slide pad
  • accordion stretch on the backhand
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material
  • moisture-wicking liner material
  • entry assist loop
  • Velcro gauntlet closure

* For more information about the Quest Glove, visit Klim in Greece