We usually have our Tank bags and Saddle Bags stuffed with all the necessary clothes, electronics, and tools. The one thing that we were missing was a fast-accessibly bag, with a zipper design to securely store some items that we would need to access fast and easily, like a second dry-fit shirt, a Gore-Tex softshell, or a power-bar.

Enter the Enduristan Tail Pack. It sits on the rear rack, it is made by a fully waterproof 3-layer fabric making it 100% water and dustproof and features YKK waterproof zipper for fast accessibility. It has a capacity of 8 liters, more than enough for your gear.

Enduristan Tailpack 02 Enduristan Tailpack 02

The Tail Pack is made from Enduristan's new 3-layer fabric, a supreme high-tech material. The outer layer of extremely abrasion resistant polymer protects your belongings whilst the inner layer is made of high visibility red vinyl. In between a 1000D Nylon mesh is embedded. The mesh is densely woven yet flexible to allow the 1000D Nylon filaments to align in the direction of the stress for maximum tear resistance. The added 8 liters of the Tail Pack is more than enough to keep your most used items close to you but safe from the elements.

Enduristan Tail Pack Highlights

  • Red inner liner for high visibility
  • Outside heavy-duty mesh pocket with Velcro lock
  • Elastic netting storage
  • Cargo loops to attach additional gear
  • Quick access via a zipper
  • Fully waterproof
  • 4 hook straps for secure attachment to a luggage rack
  • Large reflecting logo on backside for maximum visibility
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • 1 zipper pocket undercover
  • Mesh pockets undercover with Velcro lock
  • 22 elastic holding loops for small items
  • 2 D-rings on the outside to connect a shoulder strap (separately available)
  • Softgrip handle

* For more information about the Enduristan Tail Pack, visit Enduristan in Greece