The best way to load your gear to the motorcycle, both for road and off-road use, is with a saddlebag or a pannier. The weight is located low, so the dynamic performance of the motorcycle is changed as less as possible. In real-life adventure conditions, rain and dust will always try to make their way inside your gear. If this happens, you are going to have a miserable trip, so it is necessary to use the best quality gear out there.

We have used many Enduristan products these last year and our 2-year experience with the Blizzard saddlebags has been more than perfect. Their products are strong, intelligently engineered, and long-lasting. They are products produced by off-road users for off-road users. Also, their innovative design does not let the bags get in the way while riding aggressively.

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Our choice was Enduristan Monsoon 3 Panniers, made by a fully waterproof 3-layer fabric, roll-top closure, and all-welded construction.

The bags are 100% water, mud, snow, and dustproof and come in one 2x30 liters size. The Monsoon 3 panniers are made from Enduristan's new 3-layer fabric, a supreme high-tech material. The outer layer of extremely abrasion resistant polymer protects your belongings whilst the inner layer is made of high visibility red vinyl. In between a 1000D Nylon mesh is embedded. The mesh is densely woven yet flexible to allow the 1000D Nylon filaments to align in the direction of the stress for maximum tear resistance.

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Riding off-road with the added 2x30 liters of the Monsoon, the dynamics of the bike do not change much and the bags do not get in your way while wrestling with the motorcycle. On steep descents, you can really move all the way back to the rear of the seat, an important riding position off-road, a position that can't be accomplished with the use of a Loop Bag design. The top of the bags features multiple loops so that you can attach additional space with the use of PackSacks or any XS base pack. The rear of your bike remains free to attach a Pack Sack, a Rally Pack or any XS Base Pack, in order to add storage space, without limiting your freedom of movement.

Monsoon 3 Pannier Highlights

  • 2 fold-away separators per bag: Fold them in to divide your bag, fold them away to have one large compartment
  • Separators support Enduristan Isolation Dry Bags (sold separately, no pun intended) 
  • Red inner lining for high visibility
  • 2 rows of cargo loops per bag to attach additional gear
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handles
  • Deluxe shoulder strap (sold separately)
  • 3 compression straps per bag
  • Firm seat under even the most extreme off-road riding
  • Bags can move away in case you drop your bike thanks to the use of ROKstrap components
  • Easy fastening, quick removal
  • Fore-aft placement fully adjustable
  • 2 Extra Low Connection Straps for Pannier frames
  • No flapping straps
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Volume: 2 x 30 Liter bags for a total of 60 Liters carrying capacity
  • 14.2" L x 9.9" W  x 13" H
  • Distance between bags is adjustable between 21 and 75cm (8.3" to 29.5")
  • Built to last

* For more information about the Monsoon 3, visit Enduristan in Greece