The new DNA High-Performance Filter Stage 3 MK2 for the KTM 790 Adventure R/S and the KTM 790 Adventure R Rally is here, available only in KTM orange anodized! Our partnership with DNA filters, a revolutionary air-filter product designed and produced in Greece, started in the form of assisting in the development of their brand new revolutionary air-box filter for the game-changer KTM 790 Adventure. With more than 2000 km with the DNA filter on our 790 Adventure R, in both hard off-road routes and twisty on-road stretches, we can say that it has helped transform the 790 (and the 890 for that matter) into the new king of the hills, close in the footsteps of the old KTM 990 Adventure diva.

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Installing the DNA Stage 3 filter on the 790 was relatively easy if you are handy with tools, and the new item weighs around 28 grams less than the stock unit. Firing-up the DNA and Akrapovic installed KTM 790 Adventure R, it sounds like a proper old-school LC8, with the engine revving hard almost like the previous generation V-twin powerplant and the air-filter howling every time you open the throttle wide open. Orange bliss!

As for the million-dollar question, what about the actual power delivery you will ask. With our 790 on the dyno we saw +5.98 PS at 9.723 rpm and +0.81 kg-M torque at 5.000 rpm on our completely stock KTM 790 Adventure R engine! Additionally, we got a 98-99% filtering efficiency and a +107.86% airflow increase compared to the OEM airbox. Other than the Akrapovic slip-on from the KTM PowerParts that actually helps only to reduce the overall weight and heat retainment of the motorcycle, our KTM's engine is completely stock. No ECU flashing, no dongles, no de-cat, etc.

The only issue we noticed from the first ride if you could consider it an issue, is that the motorcycle practically ignores the smooth engine delivery of the "off-road" and "on-road" riding modes, giving you a "rally" engine delivery all the time. The two modes are now used mostly for ABS and MSC fine-tuning, depending on terrain. For that same reason, when switching to "rally" mode you will not feel the difference in engine management, since you were in rally-mode in the first place.

If you just love you KTM orange-bling upgrades, you will be super excited about it this sexy anodized CNC Aluminium High-Performance Air Filter, that is not only making your KTM ride more special, but it is helping it to get one step closer to KTM's "Ready to Race" motto. Be advised, this is a “Race Use Only” product and it might not be legal in all countries, but if adventure and off-road riding is your game, this is the way to go! It will be your new travel companion, and a constant reminder to get on the gas, howling and demanding your attention.

Mythical Routes DSC 5938

AK-KT7E20-S3-MK2 is the code you need to seek in order to get +107.86% increased airflow and 98-99% filtering efficiency. At a retail price of €743, this upgrade DNA high-Performance filter delivers an additional 8.95Kw (or 12HP) of raw power, providing a healthy punch to your 94HP 790 Adventure, or your upcoming 105HP 890 Adventure. This MK2 filter is compatible with all current KTM 790 Adventure S, KTM 790 Adventure R, and KTM 790 Adventure R Rally models (2019-2020), and most probably the upcoming KTM 890 Adventure S/R models, since not much has changed to the stock airbox design.

Is it worth it? As with most aftermarket upgrades, you really notice the difference once it is gone! We had to ride our 790 for a couple of days without the DNA filter installed and that is when we really missed it. Recapping the data:

Stock Air Box Air Flow: 4.203 LTR/MIN
DNA® Stage 3 Kit Air Flow: AK-KT7E20-S3-MK2: 8.736 LTR/MIN
DNA® Increased Air Flow: +107.86%
DNA® Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%