Mythical Routes inaugural mission is to showcase the beauty of our country, riding through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, national parks, sections of the European E4 trail, and the most colorful spots in Greece while revealing the historical facts of the Ancient Hellenic World with the broader geographical meaning of the term and visiting the most important archeological sites of each region, some of which listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Individuals can support us by donating to the general fund or by becoming official Mythical Routes Patreons. Your contribution will help us serve the community in the following ways:

  • Help our Awareness Programs and Rider Exchange Programs.
  • Support our educational Overland Expeditions that showcase the beauty and the hidden historical facts of the Ancient Hellenic World with the broader geographical meaning of the term.
  • Support the production of our free Historical Series publications, educating on ancient Greek Architecture, History and Art.
  • Help us advocate about travel opportunities in our country, and bring travel and tourism money back to small towns strained by lost industry.
  • Help us provide resources to people planning a travel.
  • Support the production feature-length adventure documentaries from our Overland Expeditions.
  • Help preserve riding opportunities for your children and grandchildren.

Patreon Membership Levels

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Early access Exclusive custom builds data Access our hi-res image archive
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