Save Epirus Project

Epirus is a geographical and historical region in southeastern Europe. It lies between the Pindus Mountains and the Ionian Sea, stretching from the Bay of Vlorë and the Acroceraunian mountains in the north to the Ambracian Gulf and the ruined Roman city of Nicopolis in the south.

A rugged and mountainous region, Epirus was the north-west area of ancient Greece. It was inhabited by the Greek tribes of the Chaonians, Molossians, and Thesprotians, and home to the sanctuary of Dodona, the oldest ancient Greek oracle, and the most prestigious one after Delphi. Unified into a single state in 370 BC by the Aeacidae dynasty, Epirus achieved fame during the reign of Pyrrhus of Epirus who fought the Roman Republic in a series of campaigns. Epirus subsequently became part of the Roman Republic along with the rest of Greece in 146 BC, which was followed by the Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire.

Epirus is facing a threat with catastrophic consequences for the environment, livestock farming, crops, livestock farming, and the ever-growing tourist product. Exports of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) pose a threat to public health and a serious deterioration of the protected areas of Epirus.

Epirus is one of the few areas in Europe that has such healthy ecosystems. Epirus has the richest and cleanest water reserves in Greece, which are in turn at risk.

The inhabitants of Epirus respond to these plans, forming an opposition movement of thousands of people who raise the issue at local, national and international level. Greater environmental organizations in the country and Greenpeace have been actively involved in the struggle of the local community as well as in all the collective organs of migrant Epirus.

By supporting the actions and by actively participating in this struggle, we help to preserve for us and the next generations the hydrological center of the country, the national parks with the rare animal species, the products with quality characteristics and the hygiene of the people living in this place.

Say No to Oil and Gas Extraction!

At a time when fuel is coming to an end, it is absurd for such an intervention to take place in Epirus. You can get all the latest news, help, support and follow the Save Epirus Project at their Social media links.

Meet Gregorio

All images in this article are provided by our friend, Mountain Engineer, Ocean Enthusiast and Coffee Lover Gregorio Papageorgiou Anriquez, a Commander of the Merchant Navy, with an origin from Epirus and Argentina!

He declares that he loves the sea and travels with his motorcycle around the world, hence the plethora of his photos from all over the world. Support his passion by following his Instagram account.

Epirus Awareness Ride

Both founding members Angelo and Paris Baltoyannis are originated from Epirus, so our involvement is personal. All Mythical Routes contributors are genuine ambassadors of the Adventure Life. We love to wander with our adventure motorcycles traversing every corner of Greece, trying to capture the natural beauty and essence of our landscape and our culture.

We are planning an Epirus Awarness Ride this summer with riding, hiking, camping and other epic activites that we hope will showcase this natural treasure and help protect the future of Epirus.

BMW F850GS Rally

Our personal relationship with BMW goes way back, but from 2019 we are working closer with BMW Motorrad Hellas. Both co-founders have been owners of many BMW motorcycles in the past like the R1200GS, the R1200GSA, the UnitGarage R120G/S, and the exotic HP2 Enduro. This year we will be riding something very special for BMW Motorrad, it’s first mid-sized adventure motorcycle powered by an in-house power plant. The brand new BMW F850GS Rally!

Deep-woods meditation

At first, we had mixed feeling about this motorcycle, but after a 1.500km adventure, we realized that it sits just in the middle between the BMW R1200GS/GSA and the KTM 950-990 ADV/SE we had been riding for the last years. It feels lighter, shorter and slimmer than all the GS/GSA models and it’s 21/17 size tubless wheels work excellent both on the tarmac and on gravel. It is softer and way more comfortable than any LC8 we have ever ridden, so it is basically better than the R1200GS/GSA off-road and better than the 990 ADV on long tarmac miles, with the addition of the BMW Comfort Seat.

It just hits that perfect place where everything is great. Not perfect, but good enough.

The F850GS engine is friendly and has a strong pull from 4000rpm all the way to the limiter. Kudos to BMW Motorrad for such a brilliant powerplant. We are using the optional BMW Akrapovic exhaust system, but engine and noise characteristics are identical. Nevertheless, it seems like the right choice since the weight reduction and the places it is removed from, work well on this beast.

The new F850GS Rally eats miles like cupcakes!

Arguably the most important part of an adventure motorcycle is the suspension. Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room. It is not a KTM, so it could never come close to the hardcore off-road performance. Period. On the other hand, the softish suspension is very capable and can carry the bike’s weight well on travel-enduro conditions. Your hands do not get tired and vibrations have a hard time reaching your torso and neck. It doesn’t like being rocketed full gas on an obstacle (your typical KTM riding style), but it will easily make 200+ off-road kilometers per day, plus 300+ tarmac. At the end of the day you will still be smiling and with a good night sleep, you will be totally ready for more action in the morning.

The F850GS is a real world traveler and since in nature circumstances often change, so should your motorcycle be able to adjust with ease.

We have opted for the ESA version for one main reason: ease of use. When you change from tarmac to gravel, or you just remove the panniers, you can change the suspension set-up with the press of a button, in comfort from your cockpit. This is not your hardcore KTM 950 Super Enduro that gets set-up once you are done.

BMW’s don’t like off-road. Yea, right…

So is it all perfect? Certainly not, they never are but with minor upgrades, it can be. The mirrors are not well designed, since looking better rarely means working better. They are small and the shape lacks field of view. That is one upgrade coming soon to our bikes. The F850GS is also lacking wind protection because of the short windscreen, that is fine for travel speeds up to 130-140km/h. After that, you are pulling hard with your biceps and the trip stops being enjoyable. On the bright side though there is no helmet wind-turbulence, so aerodynamically the shape works. Its size is also perfect for off-road riding, somewhere in the middle between a Super Enduro with the 690 screen and a 990 with short aftermarket screen.

It will take you to remote mesmerizing places, easier than you think.

The OEM footpegs are small and not suitable for standing up, so we upgraded with the optional BMW Rally pegs. Last, the OEM luggage system just doesn’t feel built for the Greek rough gravel soil. We are also not fond of hard luggage systems for reasons you can read in our Hard or Soft luggage article. This was easily solved with the addition of the Enduristan Monsoon 3 panniers, with 2×30lt of storage. We are adding to the rear the brilliant 15lt Enduristan pannier Topper and the 7lt Enduristan Sandstorm tank bag for a total of 82lt of 100% waterproof cargo space with the minimum weight added on the motorcycle. This is very effective and light, the best combo in my book.

Totally waterproof big cargo space with minimum weight. What more can you ask?

We are very excited to work with this fabulous motorcycle since it’s ride characteristics seem well suited for its future in the Greek mountains with us. Furthermore, it is a perfect platform to work on the development of future products with AltRider and Enduristan, so keep posted for future updates.

The F850GS is an exceptional world traveler, there is no doubt about it

We have been using KLiM Gear for the last 6 years now and one thing that we have come to realize is that the taste every motorcycle adventure leaves is directly related to whether you were in your “comfort temperature”. This is a dominant factor for well-being in all of our activities and rarely gets enough focus. As an Architect with specialization on Bioclimatic Architecture, I know it’s importance and try to educate as many users as possible. If you want to ride in comfort, you must understand Micro Climate.

Your Adventure is as comfortable as your gear is.

If you want to read about our current 2018-2019 riding gear, early this year we did a full review of the KLiM Badlands Pro and last year we did a full review of the radical KLiM Krios Helmet. More reviews about the KLiM Badlands Aero glove and the Sidi Adventure 2 boots coming soon.

Mythical Partners

The Mythical Routes project has been welcomed and promoted by many established brands in the worldwide adventure community like KLIM, Enduristan, and AltRider.

Overland Journal – Winter 2017

Nikon Greece – Media 2018

Our adventures have been highlighted by overland magazines like the Overland Journal and by Nikon the most iconic brand in the photography industry.

KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC) is the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, KLIM builds gear for the most demanding riders. Riders like us that want to focus on our ride, our photography, our adventure. Worrying about the elements is just another distraction. We want a riding experience without compromise.

KLIM has been one of our first supporters, right from the beginning when Mythical Routes was nothing more than an idea, a concept. KLIM is one of those brands that thrive in the challenge and eager to help when something this big comes up. In the last four years, we have extensively used all of the Badlands / Badlands Pro series and enjoyed each and every one of them. We have been putting KLIM gear to the test constantly over these last few years and crash tested them a couple of times. We have also used their legendary Adventure Rally suit and have been blown away be the protection and technology it incorporates. Our thoughts about all of these models are freely expressed in our Gear Reviews and new gear will be tested in the future, as we keep getting impressed by how much this gear can take.

Enduristan GmbH was founded in 2008 by Christoph von Ow, Isabel Jenni, and David Jenni. The company aims to design and produce innovative, high-quality products for individualists for the touring markets. As they say:

Enduristan can’t be found on any map, but when the daily grind is left behind, and the adventure begins, that’s when you realize that you are there. When we travel through Enduristan, the horizon is clear, the colours are more intense, life feels good and we are free.

As you can read in our article hard or soft luggage, we are not particularly fond of hard luggage when we ride mostly off-road and for good reasons. When we first talked to Christoph and David about our project, they were sure that it was a perfect match both for their passion and for their products. We have been abusing the Blizzard saddlebags for quite some time now and they have remained 100% weatherproof no matter what we do to them.

AltRider is a Seattle-based company manufacturing 100% American-made accessories and gear for adventure touring motorcycles. Being riders themselves, the AltRider team expects performance and value from the products they use. Each AltRider protection part functions well, looks good on your bike, and can truly stand up to brutal riding conditions. Adventure riding isn’t just a hobby for them, it’s a lifestyle. Their goal is to give us the freedom of adventure, by designing and manufacturing superior protection parts and soft luggage that are actually built for the ride.

We like testing every new upgrade before we use it in an expedition. Maybe with the R1200GS bash plate, we tried a bit harder. We use proper adventure bikes in our expeditions, so weight is usually above average. The heavier the motorcycle, the harder the impact, so we need our protections built tough. AltRider bash plates and crash bars have always withstood every abuse we might have given them. We are currently working with them on testing some serious protection on BMW’s brand new F850GS model, so you should be expecting some serious test-riding.

BMW Motorrad Vagianelis SA is the biggest BMW Motorrad dealer in Greece. Our relationship goes way back but starting January 2019 he is officially supporting our project. Both co-founders have been owners of many BMW motorcycles in the past (F850GS, R1200GS, R1200GSA, HP2 Enduro, R120G/A Unit Garage) and for this year we will be riding something more inclined to our needs.

You can rent from us a GS motorcycle and ride along our epic routes, always accompanied by one of our guides. Read more about your GS motorcycle renting options here:

Rent a Ride

Join the Spirit of GS with us!

Aurora Rally Equipment is a Greek-based company with a broad background in design and engineering, with a dedicated laboratory to test their equipment with specially designed rigs where they can create models out of different materials to simulate the real parts before we start manufacturing. Their aim is to develop and fabricate high-quality parts with the highest standards in rally racing. They will always use innovative technologies, materials, and solutions and match it with unparalleled design and quality.

When we explained to Dimitris Lasithiotakis, co-founder of Aurora Rally, about our project and the application of rally solutions in adventure traveling conditions, he was eager to give it a try. So we ended up building two rally motorcycles based on the famous for its off-road capabilities Husqvarna 701 enduro. The Mythical 701 RR proved to be up to the task and then some. We were happy to discover that the theory was correct. Any rally motorcycle, without a competition motor, can be a great adventure bike! It is light, tough and has superior fuel range. If you like traveling light, this is definitely the solution for you!

Nikon is the most iconic brand in the photography industry today. It is the brand most used by the landscape, wildlife and action photographers and our personal choice for the last 10-15 year. As you can read in our Nikon D850 post, we are currently working exclusively on Nikon cameras (D850, D750, D300S, D200) and Nikon FX Gold Ring lenses, both zoom, and prime.

In late 2018 we were truly honored to be featured by Nikon Greece and from 2019 we are planning on working closely together in many sub-projects, always under the Mythical Routes concept. In addition to that, we have started a new photographic collaboration, with Angelo having a dedicated Adventure Travel category in the Greek photography magazine iFocus.

Get ready for more!

Enduristan Catalogue

As adventure riders, we have to travel with all kinds of weather and carry a lot of gear. We always needed a luggage system that is light, 100% weatherproof and rugged. We use a lot of electronics like cameras, laptops, and drones, so our luggage system must provide all the protection electronics require. You can read more about our opinion on the old subject at our Hard of Soft Luggage article.

In 2017 Enduristan GmbH, a Swiss premium motorcycle luggage manufacturer that specializes in Adventure Luggage Systems offered to support our project with many different luggage solutions like saddlebags, tank-bags, tail-bags, and backpacks. In our routes gear gets seriously tested, so we could provide constant feedback back to Enduristan headquarters. In 2018 both Mythical Routes founders and riders became official Enduristan Ambassadors.

Our collaboration with Enduristan GmbH and Most Wanted Warehouse | Enduristan Greece produced a limited edition “Mythical Routes” version of Enduristan’s 2018-2019 product catalogue, that features all of Enduristan products as viewed from our perspective, rich of the Hellenic Landscape.

Mythical Routes Enduristan Catalogue 2018-2019 | EN

Greek Architectural Orders

Architectural order describes the style of building. In Classical architecture, each order is identifiable by means of its proportions and profiles as well as by various aesthetic details. The style of column employed serves as a useful index of the style itself, so identifying the order of the column will then, in turn, situate the order employed in the structure as a whole.

The Parthenon of Athens

The Parthenon, 447-432 BC, Athens

There are three distinct orders in Ancient Greek architecture: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These three were later adopted by the Romans, who modified their capitals. The Roman adoption of the Greek orders took place in the 1st century BC. The three Ancient Greek orders have since been consistently used in neo-classical European architecture.

Sometimes the Doric order is considered the earliest order, but there is no evidence to support this. Rather, the Doric and Ionic orders seem to have appeared at around the same time, the Ionic in eastern Greece and the Doric in the west and mainland. Both the Doric and the Ionic order appear to have originated in wood. The Temple of Hera in Olympia is the oldest well-preserved temple of Doric architecture. It was built just after 600 BC. The Doric order later spread across Greece and into Sicily where it was the chief order for monumental architecture for 800 years.

Anatomy of a Column

Doric order

The Doric order originated on the mainland and western Greece. It is the simplest of the orders, characterized by short, faceted, heavy columns with plain, round capitals and no base. With a height that is only four to eight times its diameter, the columns are the most squat of all orders. The shaft of the Doric order is channeled with 20 flutes. The capital consists of a necking which is of a simple form. The echinus is convex and the abacus is square.

Above the capital is a square abacus connecting the capital to the entablature. The entablature is divided into three horizontal registers, the lower part of which is either smooth or divided by horizontal lines. The upper half is distinctive for the Doric order. The frieze of the Doric entablature is divided into triglyphs and metopes. A triglyph is a unit consisting of three vertical bands which are separated by grooves. Metopes are the plain or carved reliefs between two triglyphs.

The Greek forms of the Doric order come without an individual base. They instead are placed directly on the stylobate. Later forms, however, came with the conventional base consisting of a plinth and a torus. The Roman versions of the Doric order have smaller proportions. As a result, they appear lighter than the Greek orders.

Ionic order

The Ionic order came from eastern Greece, where its origins are entwined with the similar but little known Aeolic order. It is distinguished by slender, fluted pillars with a large base and two opposed volutes (also called scrolls) in the echinus of the capital. The echinus itself is decorated with an egg-and-dart motif. The Ionic shaft comes with four more flutes than the Doric counterpart (totalling 24). The Ionic base has two convex moldings called tori which are separated by a scotia.

The Ionic order is also marked by an entasis, a curved tapering in the column shaft. A column of the ionic order is nine times its lower diameter. The shaft itself is eight diameters high. The architrave of the entablature commonly consists of three stepped bands (fasciae). The frieze comes without the Doric triglyph and metope. The frieze sometimes comes with a continuous ornament such as carved figures instead.

Corinthian order

The Corinthian order is the most ornate of the Greek orders, characterized by a slender fluted column having an ornate capital decorated with two rows of acanthus leaves and four scrolls. It is commonly regarded as the most elegant of the three orders. The shaft of the Corinthian order has 24 flutes. The column is commonly ten diameters high.

The Roman writer Vitruvius credited the invention of the Corinthian order to Callimachus, a Greek sculptor of the 5th century BC. The oldest known building built according to this order is the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens, constructed from 335 to 334 BC. The Corinthian order was raised to rank by the writings of Vitruvius in the 1st century BC.


Choragic Monument of Lysicrates, Athens (335-334 BC)

Set up your Suspension

Your gear is ready and everything is planed. But are you ready to go? One of the most common mistakes that almost every adventure rider makes, is that they forget to setup the motorcycle for the load that it is going to carry.

A badly set up motorcycle will perform equally bad, resulting into poor rider comfort and control of the motorcycle. Lack of rider control is the best recipe for disaster.

Making sure that the motorcycle does not bottom out under full load is very important

Step 1

Spring preload is very important as it affects the height and geometry of the bike.

  1. Place the motorcycle on a stand, so that both wheels have no ground contact and no load posts.
  2. Measure the distance between the center axis of each wheel to a fixed point on the motorcycle, for example the rear axle with the tail (R1) and the front axle with the triple clamp (F1).
  3. Put the motorcycle on the ground, so that the suspension is compressed by the weight of the motorcycle. Measure again from the same points and note the new lengths (R2 & F2).
  4. Sit on the bike in your normal riding position (standing position for enduro or travelenduro) and with both feet on the peg, with the help of a friend. You should be in full riding gear and equipment as it has considerable weight. Repeat measurements and note the new lengths (R3 & F3).

Suggested Measurements for Road Travels

Free Sag (rear) R1-R2 5-15 mm
Free Sag (front) F1-F2 20-30 mm
Race Sag (rear) R1-R3 25-35 mm
Race Sag (front) F1-F3 30-40 mm


Suggested Measurements for Enduro & Adventure Travels

Free Sag (rear) R1-R2 30 +/- mm
Free Sag (front) F1-F2 30 +/- mm
Race Sag (rear) R1-R3 105 +/- mm
Race Sag (front) F1-F3 50 +/- mm


Step 2

  • If you deviate much from the suggested measures, then you must adjust the preload of the respective spring.
  • If the Race Sag (with driver) differs even after adjusting the preload of the springs, then a spring change to another of different hardness is probably the only way.

If you want to know more about adventure motorcycle preparation, like where and how to pack, read out article about Hard or Soft Luggage.

Still not sure about what adventure motorcycle is best for you? Read our article about Adventure Bikes.

Mysteries of the Cabeiri

Sanctuary of the Cabeiri at Lemnos

The Mysteries of the Cabeiri of Lemnos and Samothrace were very important. The Cabeiri were a group of deities of the ancient Greek religion, while in the dictionary of Sudas, Cabeir means Daemon. According to Welcker and Maury, the word Cabeiri is produced by the Greek verb καίω (burn), and are the evil daemons born in the depths of the sea, who expel the flame of their father Hephaestus and destroy the ground. The religion of Hephaestus prevailed in Lemnos (the location of his workshop) and the Cabeiri were considered his children, whom he had with Kabeiro, the daughter of Proteus, who accompanied the chariot of Poseidon.

There is also the opinion, according to Pausanias, that the worship of the Cabeiri is associated with fire worship, which was introduced by the Thraco-Pelasgians and received by the Achaeans in 2.200 B.C.

Apollo is also mentioned as a Cabeiri deity.


Sanctuary of the Cabeiri at Lemnos

The modern inhabitants of the island give it a plural name: Cabeiri. It was discovered by L. Bernarbo Brea at the cape of Chloe in NE Lemnos, opposite the site of ancient Hephaestia. It was excavated by the Italian Archaeological School of Athens in 1937-39. Since 1982 research and excavations are continued.
The sanctuary of the Cabeiri was protected, by land, by a long wall at the top of the hill which hid it from the eyes of the uninitiated. The main buildings of the sanctuary were large halls of initiation (Telestiria) within which the “sacred” was revealed to the initiate, the so called Cabeirian mysteries. Their ruins are preserved in two flat areas, held up on the steep slope towards the sea, by supports.
At the back of the cella (the main interior of the temple) are the foundations of a small temple, destined for the “sacred”. The cella is divided into three compartments by two rows of five marble columns, and with a portico supported towards the sea by a strong stylobate.
A rich repository of offerings, lamps for night ceremonies, kantharoi, skyphoi, “compasses”, pottery for the sacred symposia, belong to the classical and Hellenistic phase. In the sanctuary, fragments of sculptures, terracotta and bronze figurines, glassware and many votive, honorific, liberating inscriptions were found.
The archaic telesterion is located in the southern plateau, with benches of half-baked plinths along the walls where the initiates sat. In the back there was the most holy place, the adyton, where the priest entered and the statues of the gods were situated.
It is perhaps the oldest known telesterion in Greece, even older than the Soloneio Telesterion in Eleusis. It was destroyed by fire, probably by the invading Persians in 512 BC.
The Hellenistic telesterion was built on the northern plateau and is the first thing someone sees when entering the site. It is rectangle, measuring 33 x 46.10 meters, double in size compared to the sanctuary of Samothrace and at the front it had a portico with 12 columns. It was divided into three aisles, by two rows of four Ionic columns.

Understanding Micro Climate

Choosing your Riding Gear

If you want to use 100% of the potential of an Adventure Suit, you should first learn more about the “microclimate” (Micro Climate) and how it relates to you so that you are more comfortable during riding. The microclimate defines a thin, invisible layer of air that is around your body. For the majority of people, the most convenient microclimate is 32 degrees Celsius (comfort temperature) and a relative humidity of 30%.

Different parts of our bodies react differently to changes in the microclimate. Some parts are more durable, for example our hands and feet are more comfortable when the temperature is 7 degrees lower than in the rest of our body. The most sensitive part of our body is the head. We lose much heat from our heads in relation to the rest of the body. Different parts of the body react differently from each other. Shoulders and lower back are more sensitive points to excessive cooling. Hands and our feet are constantly sweaty and need more care to stay warm and comfortable.


One of the first true Adventure suits, the KLiM Badlands Pro

Our microclimate can be affected by many things. To stay comfortable when driving, it is important to understand what things are affected by:

  1. The environment we are. If we are not dressed appropriately for the weather and environmental conditions, our microclimate will be affected.
  2. This leads to the second issue which is our equipment. If we wear proper equipment, our microclimate will have a better chance of staying in optimum temperatures.
  3. Our body type may also be an influencing factor. The more healthy you are, the more stable are the prices in our microclimate. Also, the more mass we have, the more heat it will produce.
  4. The level of activity will also affect our microclimate. If you work harder, it will produce more heat.
  5. Anyone can have a different sensitivity to the temperature data. The temperature gauge between people can vary up to 12 degrees Celsius.

It is important to remember that to maintain a comfortable microclimate, your equipment must be able to keep you dry. Staying dry means that you will be comfortable. The heat balance is also important to stay comfortable during driving. The heat generated must be equal to the heat lost.

Tour FAQs

What time of year can I do a Mythical Routes Adventure?

The best time for Adventure travel in Greece is between the months of May to December. The routes can be done between January and March, but snow-pack in the mountains may keep you from doing the entire route as planned. Always consider that the Greek summer (June to August) is very hot and you might experience extreme temperatures, up to 38-45 degrees Celsius.

How long does it take to ride each route?

Most people average 150-200 km a day on mixed back-country / off-road motorcycle routes. If you can ride 6 to 8 hours every day, then most routes would take 4-6 days to cover, with the exception of the Athenian Riviera tour (God of Atlantis), but it depends on road and weather conditions at the time.

What ancient Greek historical sites will we visit?

We are the most scientifically qualified and technically trained Motorcycle Adventure Travel Company in Greece. Our scientific team and Tour Guides are educated at least by a higher training institution and all of what we showcase is certified by public organizations like the University of Aquila in Italy and the University of Ioannina in Greece. Our cooperation with some departments of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) helps us built solid adventures based on facts and scientific knowledge.

In our Tours, we will be visiting all important Hellenic archeological sites, both famous Greek jewels and well-hidden ancient secrets.

Furthermore, our staff and guides are photography professionals and/or enthusiasts, and we are working closely with Nikon Greece. So, if requested, photography workshops or photography projects can be planned.

How difficult is the riding in your Adventures?

All our routes are designed with the average rider in mind, so there are no single-tracks. All routes can be ridden on any adventure and/or dual-sport motorcycle, from the KTM 690 Enduro to the BMW R1200GSA. Many of the tracks are in remote areas and reach a high elevation where road maintenance is minimal if non-existent. You can expect to cover sections of road with deep ruts, loose rocks, and other challenges. You may also encounter sections that have trees or branches over the road.

Enduro Training

If you are new to off-road riding on big adventure motorcycles, we can arrange for a single-day Enduro Training on the BMW F850GS or the R1200GS. You can also opt for a tarmac only tour, but you will be missing all the fun!

What motorcycle should I use?

Any adventure or dual-sport motorcycle that is road registered, carries a license plate, runs DOT approved knobby tires, is capable of carrying luggage for all the gear you will need and has a fuel range of minimum 240 km between gas stops is suitable for our routes. Keep in mind that for the most part, Greece has rocky soil, so well maintained and properly set-up suspension is required. You might have to cross a small river with very rocky soil, so weight distribution is crucial.

If your motorcycle is not ready or suitable for our tours you can always Rent a Ride from us. We can provide almost any motorcycle from the GS range, like the versatile F850GS Rally we are currently using as a Tour Leader Guide motorcycle, the mighty R1200GS Rally or the R1200GSA beast.

Rent a Ride

The GS range is perfect for Greece’s terrain featuring a high loading capacity, ease of use and top of the line rider comfort. Read about what is the best choise for you in our article Adventure Motorcycles.

What about accommodation?

We always provide two options for accommodation. A budget solution where you can visit many cosmopolitan locations for a walk or a dinner but have to ride back to a more isolated hotel location, or the all-inclusive luxury option where you always stay overnight in these cosmopolitan villages.

If you want to make the best of your trip to Greece, we believe that it is important not to miss locations like the one above.

How far between gas stops?

A mileage of 200 km between refuels will get you covered in the majority of the routes, but carrying extra gas safely in Rotopax canisters is always recommended since you could deviate from the route because of extreme weather conditions.

Is there water on the route?

There are many water sources along the routes, but carrying extra water is necessary. A Klim 2-3lt Hydration Pack that is provided in our all-inclusive package, will get you covered until the next water source. Some of these sources are marked on the route, but almost any running water found in Greece is suitable for drinking.

Is there cell phone coverage along the routes?

Deep inside national forests or mountain ridges, there will be long sections with no cellular coverage at all. Getting near any of the many villages will help you get rather good reception.

Where can I find the GPS tracks for each route?

If you are using your own motorcycle, GPS tracks for our Mythical Routes Adventures can be provided the day before departure. Any modern GPS unit capable of displaying a minimum of 500 points each is suitable for use.

In any case, if you are renting a motorcycle from us or using your own, there will always be leading Tour Guide that wil take care of navigation for you.

Do I have to camp?

As a general rule free-camping and Campfires are not allowed in Greece, but the majority of the Greek Adventure Community is doing it. In each of our routes, we have suggestions for free-camping locations or overnight stays in Mountain Refuges. Hotels are always the default option, except if the client requests the one night “free-camping experience”.

What about wild animals?

Greece is one of the safest countries concerning wild animals, with only a very small number of brown bears, wolves, and vipers. Also, 95% of snakes in Greece are completely harmless, but keep your distance just to be safe, since antivenom treatment is hard to find in remote areas. Safe food practices while camping is strongly advised.

Are the routes suitable for 4×4 vehicles?

Our routes, for the most part, are doable in ATVs and 4×4 vehicles with adequate tires and clearance. You must always keep in mind is that the trail conditions can change dramatically due to rain and flash floods which cause the roads to become difficult or even unpassable.

All of our Tours come with a leading Tour Guide rider and the possibility of a 4×4 Support Vehicle if required.

If you have any more questions, just contact us!

Celestial and Chthonic

Rectilinear and Curvilinear architecture

Let us see the logic through which the clergy separated the rectilinear from the curvilinear shapes, to create the architectural systems we mention in the 1st part of the book “Holy Sacramental Journey to Greece” (by author G. Baltoyannis); a logic which had to do with the psychology of the individual. Even to this day we follow the same logic and express ourselves with designs and volumes in the same way. Today however it is difficult to say if our own perception of space is a spontaneous expression or if it comes from the processing of the past.
Nowadays when an artist wants to express “joy” or “sorrow”, he will use the same logic on the canvas, otherwise he will not be understood. Therefore through education we learn to distinguish the things, in order to understand the artist. Of course art nowadays is not bound by rules, based on which the art critic gave his opinion on the work of the artist and which started to be created during the Renaissance. These rules came from the interpretation of the works of art of antiquity. Therefore our opinion is very deeply rooted. Let us now observe the logic of the Ancients.
There was a clear distinction between a straight line and a curved part. When someone wants to express a powerful emotion, like passion, love or anger and has to choose between a straight line and a curved part, he will not choose the rectilinear but the curvilinear; on the contrary, if he wants to express thought, justice, conviction, he will use the rectilinear part.
The reason he would choose the curvilinear would not be because that was forced upon him, ergo it would have been a matter of habit, but because man lives and belongs to the natural environment, where everything is based on curvilinear shapes; he instinctively and spontaneously understands those, without being able to see the process within him, it is namely cthonic.

Necromanteion of Acheron is one of the first examples of Curvilinear architecture

The straight line occurred from cerebral activity, when man used tools and created structures, which are easier to solve in time. The outcome of said process is also visible outside of man, in the light of day, it is namely celestial.
Therefore, the rectilinear surface is a result of thought and is identified with reason, while the curvilinear always existed in the nature of man. The more a person evolves, the more the straight line dominates in his structures, because, it not only spares him time, it is also more economic.

Parthenon is the pinnacle of Rectilinear architecture

When then, in a given time, man, reaching some level of intellectual maturity, thinks of structurally expressing his religious needs, he chooses the curve for his passions and the straight line for his thoughts. But because man thought of his own origin, he came to the conclusion that he himself was also the creation of some rational thought, the same way he thinks and creates. Therefore he places this God, his Creator, based on the rectilinear logic, outside of man and above him, to watch and protect him. That is why the ancients sacrificed a white lamb, on a high altar, for the celestial gods.
On the contrary, as far as his passions are concerned, which make him clash with his fellow man, there is also some god responsible. And because it all starts within man, therefore the god of passion lies within man and bellow the earth, since he is not seen. They sacrificed then, to the chthonic gods, digging in the earth, the black lamb.

The STRAIGHT represents: above, thought, civilization, (and by a similar logic as the East) represents: light, truth, power.

The CURVE represents: bellow, the chthonic, the devious, the primitive, (and consequently) North which represents: darkness, lies, fear.

Adventure Motorcycles


We must first define the word “Adventure Bike“. A motorcycle can be attributed with the term “adventure” if it can help you live your Adventure. Your definition of Adventure that is. For some people crossing vast distances in relatively small time is an “Adventure”. For some “Adventure” doesn’t happen before they hit the trail (fire-roads mainly). Finally, there are those that just love the hard technical stuff.


Big Twins eat miles like cookies and carry weight without any problem

The main thing all these types have in common is the period of this Adventure. We are not talking for a 20km single track here. This is “Enduro” and not “Adventure”. So we have to consider bikes that have an emphasis on long-range performance. We would exclude any 250 cc bike because they lack the ability to cruise comfortably at higher speeds (especially carrying luggage) and can have reduced engine life if ridden frequently on the highway.


Another important factor is “Experience“. Some may be completely new to riding, while others have many years of experience on other types of motorcycles. A KTM 950 Super Enduro, for example, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


One of the most versatile Adventure Bikes ever built

These days, there are a lot of different Adventure Bikes on the market to choose from and choosing the right bike for your individual needs can be challenging. For the not so experienced riders, choosing a large single cylinder bike might be the best way to go. A DRZ400, KTM 690 or Husky 701 would be great when the going gets tough and have excellent all-around characteristics. Same goes for the not so gifted in body height. On the other hand, if your Adventures are 70% road / 30% off-road, then a big V-twin would be a nice bet.

The must-have list

Considering all the above, a proper “Adventure Bike” is the one that takes you to new far away locations, lets you spend at least a night under the stars, makes your life easy when unexpected things keep coming your way (it’s an adventure, remember?), makes you feel alive and happy. So, a proper Adventure Bike should:

  1. Be able to carry all your gear. Camping gear, clothes, extra fuel, personal hygiene stuff, etc.
  2. Have good tune-able off-road suspension. The gear that you carry varies in every adventure ride you take, so should the suspension change.
  3. Have at least a 7500 km oil change interval.
  4. Have at least a 250 km fuel range (a 400-450 km range would be just perfect).
  5. Have 50-100 hp for off-road use. There is absolutely no need for 160+ hp behemoths in the middle of a forest!
  6. Be less than 200 kg fully loaded. This is really difficult to accomplish when opting for large cc twins, but in the world of Adventure-Biking, we all have to make compromises according to our needs, the terrain that we are going to travel and the gear that we want to carry.

Try getting out of this!

Always keep in mind that if you can not pick up your bike fully loaded in any situation, then it is not an adventure bike!

Hard or Soft Luggage?

Adventure Riding is all about mountains, trails, forests. So we have to be rather sufficient out there. First questions that comes in mind is “what do I carry with me?”. Soon enough the next important question arrives: “where do I pack my things?”.

There are loads of things to carry … clothes, tent, mattress, food, extra fuel and basically almost every item in our Packing List.

Hard Aluminum Panniers

The first answer that pops up is Hard Aluminum Panniers, that are very much advertised and quite expensive. Everywhere around us we see motorcycles “ready for adventure” equipped with two side aluminum panniers and a top box. A key advantage of Hard Aluminum Panniers is that it is possible to lock and insure our things if we want to move away from the motorcycle. Also, if we have been equipped with inner bags, we can transfer our existing, without being obliged to remove the bags from the motorcycle. Finally our belongings are protected from the weather, particularly rain. But these are the only advantages that they have and since in Adventure Riding sooner or later the bike will get dropped, there start their problems!

Aluminum panniers are a common choice for many riders

Usually after the first “good” fall, aluminum will get dented and twisted, with the result that the cap no longer fits perfectly with the body of the pannier. Even a few millimeters of deviation is enough to not let them seal properly and start letting the rain and dust go inside, with all that this implies … Certainly with a hammer and enough perseverance they can be restored relatively close to their original shape, but waterproofness is over for ever!

Second main issue we have with Aluminum Panniers is weight! They are very heave to begin with (even without anything inside them) and add to that the weight of all the necessary metal racks on which they have to mount, it results in an overweight adventure motorcycle that is extremely difficult to maneuver in Off-road conditions. It is difficult even to pick up!

Last problem with Aluminum Panniers is the injury possibility! There are a few cases of riders being injured in their legs when, during a fall, their boot got trapped beneath the aluminum pannier.

Hard Plastic Panniers

In an effort to reduce the high cost and weight of the aluminum panniers, one can resort to the solution of plastic panniers/saddlebags.When riding on-road this is a good option indeed. But Adventure riding is all about gravel road exploration and when we put plastic panniers in this situation, thing can and will got horribly bad very soon.

Hard Panniers taking a beating

The plastic side cases (regardless of manufacturer) are not designed to take the stress of a hard dirt road, nor to survive after collision with stones and other immovable elements of mother nature. On a recent trip, the three motorcycles equipped with plastic panniers had many problems. The first broke the locking-base of the suitcase at the first drop and the second broke the mounting-base only by driving the route and without falling!

Soft Luggage

When it comes to off-road adventures, weight and capability to keep your gear safe from water, dust, mud and snow become a priority. With soft luggage you do not need frames to attach them, resulting in a significant weight reduction. They are flexible so they can absorb impacts without compromising their construction integrity or loosing their waterproof characteristics. In the event of a tear, some of them can be repaired on the spot using repair kits. They can also protect both your motorcycle and your legs working as pillows for when you eventually hit the forest floor

Enduristan Blizzard Saddle Bags are light, tough and 100% waterproof – ideal for our adventures!

Our experience has shown us that when you are about to venture for an off-road adventure, the only way to go is Soft Luggage, whose only downside is the lack of lock feature, both of their content and the bags themselves on the motorcycle. Beyond that, they have only advantages:

  • Purchase cost is significantly lower than any metal solution.
  • They are unbelievably light weight. There is usually the possibility to attach them directly on our motorcycle without metal frames, so the behavior of our motorcycle is closer to the behavior without luggage. Always remember that weight is the main problem in Off-road riding!
  • They are 100% waterproof since they usually have a roll-top design.
  • The eventual drop of the bike will not end in tears, since the variable of their shape allows them to adapt to the soil and not get damaged by the fall.
  • In the process they protect the motorcycle as well, acting like a soft pillow.
  • Their materials are durable and designed to withstand extensive and harsh use.
  • In the event of a hole or tear after rubbing on asphalt or bumping into a blunt object, they can get repaired on the trail, simply and with permanent results. Most companies sell repair kits for their products.
  • There are size and shape combinations for all tastes and all kinds of motorcycle.
  • Finally they adapt to all kinds of motorcycles, so they easily switch between different motorcycles that we may have.

Free maps for Garmin GPS

Do you need some Free and Legal maps for your Garmin GPS ?

OpenStreetMaps is the answer !


  • Required: Garmin GPS, 2gb blank MicroSD memory card, internet access.
  • Caution: OpenStreetMap maps are free, updated frequently and contain very great detail, but provided no guarantee for the completeness or accuracy of the contents.


The acquisition of a top with Garmin GPS navigation means that you spend enough money for the unit cost, which increases if you want to expand the capabilities of your new GPS (the basic map of the device is almost useless). Following these steps will install easily and fast navigation maps on your Garmin GPS:

Insert the MicroSD memory card into the port on your computer, use the relative MicroSD to SD card adapter if necessary. Ensure that the memory card is completely empty. Create a folder “Garmin” in the memory card.

Visit Freizeitkarte ( and from the menu select “Maps”. There you can find the country that you are interested in.We will be searching for maps of Greece. One you have located it, download the first option below the country name, “Garmin GPS-device: Greece – install image for micro SD card (0.2 GB)”.

Download file from the link and unzip it (unzip). When finished unpacking the gmapsupp.img file will appear which must be copied to the folder “Garmin” which opened in MicroSD memory card.

Place the MicroSD to your Garmin device. Turn on your Garmin and wait to find a signal (“Satellite fix acquired”), you may have to wait a few seconds more than the usual start time while the device writes itself other necessary files in MicroSD. Turn on the map screen and start to move. It is likely to take 2-3 minutes until you find your correct location on the map.

Enjoy your free map!

Rent A Ride

Greece is truly blessed with majestic scenery and rich ancient history. One can only feel awe when witnessing a sunset by the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, the Southernmost Cape of Attica. After all, according to the myth, when Theseus departed for Crete to return back to his father, he was supposed to put up white sails if he was successful in killing the Minotaur. However, when Theseus returned, he forgot these instructions. When Aegeus saw the black sails coming into Athens, mistaken in his belief that his son had been slain, he killed himself by jumping from that cliff in front of the temple of Poseidon into the sea which was therefore known as the Aegean Sea.

Witness that sunset in our God of Atlantis adventure

Our carefully planned Adventures connect the most important archeological sites with each-other, giving emphasis on the adventure experience while riding through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, remote dragon lakes and resting under a million stars in isolated hi-planes.

Thankfully Greece is a motorcycle paradise! Our climate is mild and there is almost no probation for riding off-road in amazing routes.

Our belief is that only when you ride with a local you can see the true face of this country. While some say that nothing is better than exploring these lands on your trusted motorcycle, always accompanied by one of our highly skilled guides, this is not always possible.

For the biggest part of riders shipping their own motorcycle in Greece for a week or two just doesn’t worth the effort. Should this stop you? Certainly not since you can rent one of our carefully prepared BMW GS motorcycles!

We are official partners with BMW Motorrad Vagianelis SA, so all of our motorcycles are carefully prepared and serviced with the highest standards and certifications available.



All of our Adventure Tours and Expeditions come with a leading Tour Guide rider and the possibility of a 4×4 Support Vehicle if required.

We can provide almost any motorcycle from the GS range, like the versatile BMW F850GS Rally we are currently using as a Tour Leader motorcycle, the mighty R1200GS Rally or the R1200GSA beast. The GS range is perfect for Greece’s terrain featuring a high loading capacity, ease of use and top of the line rider comfort.

Motorcycle Rental Pricelist













€160/day €150/day €145/day €1000


€180/day €170/day €160/day €1000


€140/day €135/day €130/day €1000


€160/day €150/day €145/day €1000


€125/day €120/day €115/day €800


€140/day €130/day €125/day €800

Rental Price Includes

All above rental prices include VAT and the following services:

  • 24/7 Road Assistance*
  • Unlimited mileage
  • BMW Alarm (installed)
  • GPS tracking system (installed)
  • BMW Brake disc lock (installed)
  • Third party liability cover by Allianz insurance*
  • Full Casco (fire & theft) Coverage by Allianz insurance*
  • 15% Discount on any Klim pre-ordered item
  • 10% Discount on any Enduristan pre-ordered item

Extras (Not Included Services)

There are many additional options that we can provide on demand in any tour package:

  • DOT-approved Off-road tires: add €40/day
  • Basic Off-road training (1 day): add €200
  • Advanced Off-road training (2 days): add €450
  • Rental of Klim waterproof Gore-Tex Jacket & Pant with D3O protection: add €30/day (Requires €650 refundable damage deposit)
  • Rental of Klim ECE Helmet: add €20/day (Requires €250 refundable damage deposit)
  • Rental of Enduristan 2×30lt saddlebags**: add €30/day (Requires €160 refundable damage deposit)
  • Rental of BMW Vario side panniers***: add €20/day (No damage deposit required)
  • Enduro/MX riding Boots. For any arrangements please contact us.
  • Land Cruiser 4×4 Support Vehicle (for luggage and non-riders): add €400/day
 *Not valid for off-road tracks **Enduristan saddlebags can be installed only on motorcycles with pannier frames ***BMW panniers can be installed only on motorcycles without pannier frames

Get 10-15% off Gear Discount

We are partners with the best adventure gear brands in the world, so with every participant in our tours, we give our clients the option to get the best with our Mythical discounts.

Win an awesome 15% discount on any Klim Pre-Ordered item and 10% discount on any Enduristan Pre-Ordered item

An exclusivity that we offer to our clients, is the option to rent KLiM riding gear from us, or the possibility to buy brand new KLiM riding gear with special discounts. We take riding experience and protection very seriously and with our Discount you can return home with a real bargain! To check all available KLiM models valid for this great offer, please visit KLiM in Greece.

All motorcycles can be equipped upon request with the OEM hard luggage system, or with the best possible luggage solution from Swiss-company Enduristan, like the Monsoon saddlebags and the Pannier Toppers that give a 100% weatherproof space for everything you might need. For a complete list of all available luggage options for purchase or rent, please visit Enduristan in Greece.


When the night comes, you will need a place to rest. For some people a Hotels is the only option. For some a Mountain Cabin is a better option. Then there are those how will say that Camping is the only choice if you are a hardcore Adventure Rider.

Whatever is your preference, we got you covered! This is a list of all three options along our routes. We are not affiliated with any of these, but we have good personal experience from their services.

Mountain Cabins

This is a live map of most of the Mountain Cabins that can be used along our Routes. We are not affiliated with any of these, but we have good personal experience from their services.

Please take note that we do not have constant info about their operation, so personal contact with them before your trip is essential.


Greece is backed with absolutely stunning small villages. You will definitely find a hotel in these places, but it usually will not be cheap. You can always book something in advance or plan to stay in the previous/next village and keep your expenses low.

These is a list of these “have to visit at least once” villages.

You could use some application like to get reviews and prices about the disposable hotels. In our organized tours we use some of them, so planning will not be an issue.


These are actual sites that we, or many fellow adventures from one of the biggest adv-oriented forums in Greece, have used as a free campsite in one of our Adventures. You will usually find running water in these camp sites. Always keep in mind that Greek legislation is not favoring free-camping, so be cautious. Keep a low profile and you most probably meet some of our friends out there.

Please take note that these are free camp spots that we have used in the past. Conditions change, so some of them will not be available when you visit, but isn’t that what adventure is all about?

Million Stars Hotel

Read more about this in our FAQ section, but the general rule is to keep a low profile.


Ancient Greek Architecture

One of the Architectural problems of the Ancient world, that concerned me as a student of Architecture in Rome, was the Arc. Namely this Architectural solution, that for my professors was a Roman invention, unknown in the Ancient Greek World.


Colosseum of Rome, completed in the 1st century CE

The same view prevails today, after 35 years. I noticed that in one of my last trip to southern Italy, where the tour guide of Taormina (Tavroménio) repeated just the same, namely that the Arc was a Roman invention. So I decided to get involved with it, to ascertain the fact, since, from the first moment, I felt that something should be happening in this ancient world, all of whose achievements we see with our own logic, without following it’s own mentality.

Turning, then, to the inquiry procedure with the eyes of the Ancients, I met unknown places and secret cults, playing a key role in shaping the architecture and formed a cosmic standard, with axes and shapes, through which the ancient satisfy their religious Needs. At the same time, they were trying to convert Theory into Action, with structures and symbols, placing the Sacred Temples in specific points, with axial relations between them. Here I met a world where Art was a component of a Global Logic, they should be working together as a whole. So insinuated that behind wars and conflicts, there was a Structured Authority, he had the wit to impose it’s will through advising, having Religion as instrument.

To solve the problem of the Ancient’s Logic only with the use of the findings and unilaterally, without putting your imagination to work and without entering into their shoes, it’s like using on a modern PC only as a calculator! This, however, increases the success of amateurs versus professionals, as is the Schliemann case.

Seeing, then, the fantastic effort of the volume “History of the Greek Nation” I felt – in the past – much more Confident. But today, after all my researches, I found that there are some key differences in the results and come to the conclusion that something is amiss. This I realized when I noticed that sixteen volumes, about 10,000 pages, are based on 159 collaborators archaeologists, historians, philologists, etc. and only report an architect and a mathematical, and none of the other professionals, for a period of 101.941 years.
But we know at least 754 Ancient Scientists (G. Georgakopoulos “Ancient Greek Scientists”), of whom 117 were architects and for a period of 1.200 years they were basically structurally implementing the theories of the Ancient Greeks. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that the architect of the time was a painter, sculptor, engineer, etc. But we know also that the architect of today has the most comprehensive training and profound knowledge of the Past through the History of Art, the Present constructing Buildings and the Future by processing future proposals. And all this implies: Building Design, Static Knowledge, Functional Needs Design, Interior Design, in deapth knowledge of the materials, Topography, Mathematics, Prospectively, Construction Details, social Structures knowledge a thousand of other things, resulting in a Global Knowledge.
So when this Professional is Absent, all individual analysis of Archaeological findings, of Historical facts, or of Philosophical thinking may be possible, but the system does not work Spherically (as a whole) – especially when other professions are missing in the process of analysis.

The result of all the above is that the prevailing opinion around the world is that the architecture of the Greeks is only the Linear Surface with Rhythms: Doric – Ionic – Corinthian and Formulas: Prostyle Amphiprostyle – Pavilion – Dipteral etc. I felt, therefore, the professional curiosity to study the subject of Construction Knowledge of the Ancient Greeks, and based on ideology tireless researchers, covering the Gaps which exist in the area of Greek knowledge, while I took into account tall the views of colleagues and professionals in other scientific areas.


Odeon of Herodes Atticcus, Athens

As, however, i went on in my investigations, construction-wise, I kept falling on puzzles and riddles, that opened access to other spaces; thus, I walked into a Labyrinth of Knowledge, whose road was not closed in front of me and that I followed; and without much effort, when I looked into the problems with eye of the Ancient entering in their mentality, I saw solutions. As one good God is in front of me that opened me the way; perhaps it was Apollo, maybe it was Dionysus, who knows? Using Pythagoras as a Key to open latched doors and understand the symbolism on the Sacred Temples until the Labyrinth lead me to a circular space; there, on one hand, as Petal Inclined I see seated people dressed as Greeks, watching in agony there in front of me, the Goathorned.
I bit my lips, because I realized that the Goathorned actor was playing Dionysus Revelation.

The researcher – G. Baltoyannis

Paris Baltoyannis

Paris Baltoyannis (Πάρις Μπαλτογιάννης) graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece as a Landscape Architect and from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece as an Interior Designer. He has done postgraduate studies in the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti in Turin, Italy in Decoration and Scenography.

In 2004-2005 he was occupied in the Environmental Administration of Municipality of Voula, Greece and in 2010 he co-founded ArchiCulture, an architectural office in Athens, Greece. Much about his work can be found at his LinkedIn profile.

The Mythical Routes project

Alongside with his work as a Landscape Architect, his passion for motorcycles has been constant for the last 20 years. Paris has extensively ridden many off-road miles and has traveled mainly around Europe. Being very passionate about architecture, history, and adventure, in 2017 he co-founded with his brother Angelo the Mythical Routes project, in an effort to combine the scientific knowledge that he had acquired all these years, with their passion for exploration and Adventure motorcycling.

Mesmerizing ancient Messene

Trying to understand the construction aliments of Ancient Greek Temples and the connections that existed between them, they are trying to recreate the Ancient Mythical Routes that were first introduced in the history books of their father, Architect, and Author George Baltoyannis. Since 2017 Paris has been actively engaged as an Adventure and Historical Tour Guide for Mythical Routes. As he quotes:

We have decided to create the Mythical Routes website as an interactive instrument of knowledge, that will help spread the ideas and facts of Ancient Greek Architecture throughout the Adventure Community, both Greek and International.

Stepping up the game on the SevenZeroOne

The project has been welcomed and appreciated by the international adventure community, the press, and many adventure oriented brands. Klim, Enduristan, AltRider and Aurora Rally Equipment have been very supportive and interested to contribute.

The best way to connect selected archaeological sites with unique routes of great aesthetic beauty, is by motorcycle Adventure Traveling. Our routes cover gravel roads for the most part and bring you closer to the least visited parts of Greece.

Motorcycling Highlights

Since the late 90s, Paris has passed from most motorcycle categories, with a solid background on racing tracks and super-sport motorcycles. Later on, he switched to enduro bikes and soon fell in love with big twin off-road twins. Since 2014 he has been actively contributing to the adventure community, organizing multiple non-profit Adventure Rallies and Events for motorcycle clubs and brands.

Paris’s contribution to the international ADV community has been noticed by KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC), a US-based global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the motorcycle rider.

From 2017 Paris is supported by KLiM, when he became an official KLIM Ambassador, with Adventure and History coming together.

Adventure Rally Planner

In 2015 Paris co-organized with his brother Angelo the first ever annual KTM Adventure Rider Rally in Greece, an Adventure Rally aiming to gather under a common ride, all the Greek large displacement KTM motorcycle owners.

The route was aimed at the more skillful off-road rider and contained single-tracks, beautiful free-ride trails, and steep descents. The driving skills of the majority of the participants were tested and everyone was filled with beautiful images and intense experiences.

In 2016 the second annual KTM Adventure Rally took place with more participants and trickier tracks.


Paris undertook in 2015 the role of co-organizer and host in Greece for the March Moto Madness Adventure Rally, an annual Worldwide Rally happening in the last days of March simultaneous in over 14 countries worldwide!

The three-day event is based at a campsite and composed by a medium distance trail ride and a trials track for the following day, all designed for large Twin Adventure bikes. The MMM has been a blast and a new edition is happening every year.

For more info, images, videos and future events, visit the March Moto Madness Greece facebook page.


Rider Certifications

Through the years of his riding, Angelo has had a long history in road & track riding, with various motorcycles. In addition to the experience he gained in the tracks, he completed all the training courses by the California Superbike School, a team dedicated to educating the Art of Cornering for to riders. The Greek branch is a fully qualified branch and is one of the four in the world with its own coaching team.


Around the 2000s he switched to big adventure motorcycles and his riding style started shifting to off-road / rally. Since only large cc twin beasts could combine his riding past with his riding present, his involvement in the Greek Adventure community was logical. In addition to the vast experience gained within the various Adventure Rallies he organized or joined, he completed all the advanced courses by BMW Motorrad Greece Off-Road Training.

Angelo Baltoyannis

Angelo Baltoyannis (Άγγελος Μπαλτογιάννης) has studied Architecture in Rome, Italy (Sapienza Università) and graduated with a Masters degree from the Faculty of Architecture of the National Technical University of Greece (NTUA). He has done postgraduate studies in Architectural Planning and Bio-climatic Architecture.

Since 2003 he was professionally engaged in many established architectural offices and in 2010 he co-founded ArchiCulture, an architectural office in Athens, Greece. Much about his work can be found at his LinkedIn profile.

In 1997 Angelo undertook the design and research of Dionysus Revelation, the first of five books published by George Baltoyannis. With more than 30 years of Historical research on the relation between Ancient Architecture and Ancient Religion, George is the writer of the following Best Seller books, in all of which Angelo is the graphic designer:

  • Dionysus Revelation (ed. Aldebaran – Athens 1997)
  • Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena (ed. Aldebaran – Athens 1998)
  • Sacred Architecture (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2002)
  • Holy Sacramental Journey to Greece (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2005)
  • Sacred Astronomy (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2008)

Detailed information about these books can be found here

The Mythical Routes project

Alongside with his work as an Architect and Project Manager, his passion for motorcycles has been constant for the last 25 years. Angelo has ridden many off-road miles and has traveled extensively. Being very passionate about architecture, history, and adventure, in 2017 he co-founded with his brother Paris the Mythical Routes project, in an effort to combine the scientific knowledge that he had acquired all these years, with their passion for exploration and Adventure motorcycling.

Cape Sounio is one of the most dramatic site locations in Greece

Trying to understand the construction aliments of Ancient Greek Temples and the connections that existed between them, they are trying to recreate the Ancient Mythical Routes that were first introduced in the history books of their father, Architect, and Author George Baltoyannis. Since 2017 Angelo has been actively engaged as an Adventure and Historical Tour Guide for Mythical Routes. As he quotes:

Greece has one of the oldest and richest civilizations. Hellenic Art and Architecture are founding pillars for every modern artistic expression. Our natural resources are full of life, diversity and beauty.

Amazing views in every ride … this is Greece!

The project has been welcomed and appreciated by the international adventure community, the press, and many adventure oriented brands. Klim, Enduristan, AltRider and Aurora Rally Equipment have been very supportive and interested to contribute.

In the Mythical Routes project, we will showcase the beauty and the well hidden historical facts of the Ancient Hellenic world, with the broader Geographical meaning of the term, through an experiential and naturalistic approach using large displacement off-road motorcycles as vehicles.

KLIM Ambassador

Since the 90s, Angelo has passed from almost every motorcycle category, with a solid background on racing tracks and Superbike motorcycles. Later on, he switched to off-road bikes and soon developed a particular taste for big twin off-road beasts. Since 2014 he has been actively contributing to the adventure community, organizing multiple non-profit Adventure Rallies and Events for motorcycle clubs and brands.

Angelo’s contribution to the international ADV community has been noticed by KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC), a US-based global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the motorcycle rider.

From 2016 Angelo is supported by KLiM when he became an official KLIM Ambassador and testing cool upcoming products is just one of the perks!

Adventure Rally Planner

In 2015 Angelo co-organized with his brother Paris the first ever KTM Adventure Rally Greece, an annual Adventure Rally aiming to gather under a common event, all the Greek large displacement KTM motorcycle owners.

On the KTM Adventure Rally Greece, riders will discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE and what it means to embrace the KTM SPIRIT. Charging down epic dirt roads, conquering extreme riding territory and sharing it all with like minded riders, friends.

The KTM Adventure Rally Greece includes trails on more demanding dirt roads, with emphasis on the long duration and distance that will be covered in each leg. Motorcycles must be equipped with off-road tires and have a minimum fuel autonomy of 180 km. The route is aimed at the more skillful off-road riders and containe single-track, beautiful free-ride trails, and steep descents.

100% pure ADVENTURE | 100% KTM Spirit | 100% Unforgettable Experience !!


March Moto Madness is an Adventure Rally that happens worldwide in the last days of March, an opportunity for meetings with old or new friends who share a common love for motorcycle, village touring and exploration.

March Moto Madness started in 2006 by a group of American motorcyclists because of their love for the motorcycle, driving on the ground, camping near nature and talking about the fire. The event started from the very beginning and is now being co-organized in the US with the GS Giants, the largest forum of fans of the BMW GS racer bike in the world. In 2015 it escaped from the borders of America and transformed itself into a global event that was held simultaneously in 14 countries of the world, including Greece.

Angelo co-organizes with his brother Paris the annual March Moto Madness Greece Adventure Rally since the very begining back in 2015 and is running it every year.


Rider Certifications

Through the years of his riding, Angelo has had a long history in road & track riding, with various motorcycles. In addition to the experience he gained in the tracks, he completed all the training courses by the California Superbike School, a team dedicated to educating the Art of Cornering for to riders. The Greek branch is a fully qualified branch and is one of the four in the world with its own coaching team.


Around the 2000s he switched to big adventure motorcycles and his riding style started shifting to off-road / rally. Since only large cc twin beasts could combine his riding past with his riding present, his involvement in the Greek Adventure community was logical. In addition to the vast experience gained within the various Adventure Rallies he organized or joined, he completed all the advanced courses by BMW Motorrad Greece Off-Road Training.

What is Mythical Routes

Mythical Routes is an idea, a project started in 2017 by two brothers, an Architect and a Landscape Architect, both passionate Adventure Riders, trying to combine the scientific knowledge they had acquired, with their passion for exploration and the best way to do that, the motorcycle.

Their personal journey through Myths and Time started back in the ’90s while helping their father with his historical research. Using old army maps they were connecting important archeological sites with each other, only to realize that the ideas their father was working on were more than theories. They were becoming scientific facts, just before their own eyes!

Trying to understand the Construction Aliments of Ancient Greek Temples and the Connections that existed between them, we thought that the best way to visit all the important and remote archeological sites was with our adventure motorcycles.

This website is an interactive instrument of knowledge, that will help spread the ideas and facts of Ancient Greek Architecture and modern Hellenic Adventure Lifestyle throughout the international adventure community.

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about us

George Baltoyannis

One of the Architectural problems of the Ancient word that concerned architect and author George Baltoyannis as a student of Architecture in Rome, was the Arch, specifically the Architectural solution to supporting large openings in constructions. According to his professors, the Arch was a Roman invention, unknown in the Ancient Greek World, but having visited many Greek archeological sites, something did not feel right. We had all witnessed the use of the Arc in Greek temples and constructions, long before the Roman Civilization. Could it be that George’s old university professors were wrong? Could the Arc be a Greek invention after all?

This simple question evolved into eleven-year research that kept bringing up new questions that needed answers. Finally, the books and theories of architect and author George Baltoyannis have been embraced by the scientific community, both by the University of Ioannina in Greece and the Università degli Studi dell’Aquila in Italy, where he was invited to give lectures to the students.

George Baltoyannis (Γεώργιος Μπαλτογιάννης) was born in Athens in 1941. He studied Architecture in Rome, Italy (Sapienza Università) and took part in many Art Exhibitions (Margutta – San Luca – Artecom – Palazzo Delle Esposizioni etc.).

He returned to Athens in 1970 and dealt with Architecture as a freelancer and at the same time as an employee in succession at the Greek Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Autonomous Building Officers Organization (AOOA).

With more than 30 years of Historical research on the relation between Ancient Architecture and Ancient Religion, George Baltoyannis is the whiter of the Best Seller books:

Dionysus Revelation


Dionysus Revelation (ed. Aldebaran – Athens 1997)

One of the Architectural Problems of the Ancient World, which puzzled me as a student of Architecture in Rome, was the Arch. That is the Architectural Solution, which for my professors was a Roman invention, unknown to the Ancient Greek World.

The same opinion prevails today, after 35 years. I noticed this on my last trip to Italy, where the Taormina tour guide repeated, that the Arch was a Roman invention. So I decided to deal with the matter and find out the truth, since, from the first moment, I felt that something special happened in the Greek Ancient World, whose achievements we see today with our own logic, without following the mentality of the ancient times.

Passing through the process of research with the eyes of the Ancients, I encountered unknown places and secret cults, who played a leading role in the shaping of Architecture and were a cosmic model, with Axes and Shapes, through which the ancients satisfied their religious Needs. At the same time, they attempted to convert the Theory into Reality, with constructions and Symbols, placing the Sacraments in specific points, with axial relations between them.

Here I met a world where Art was a component of a Global Logic, which should keep up as a Unity. Thus, was suggested that, behind the ancient wars and the struggles, there was a Constitutional Authority, that had the wisdom to impose the advice, having Religion as its tool.

Therefore, wanting to solve the problem of the Ancient Logic only with the findings, unilaterally without putting one’s imagination to work and without entering in their shoes, it is like working on a modern computer only to make subtractions. This is the main reason for the successes that many amateurs had against the professionals, such as the Schliemann case.

Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena


Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena (ed. Aldebaran – Athens 1998)

Before we move towards the Sacred Rock of Acropolis, we must be mentally transported with our imagination in the 5th century B.C. Because this place, as all in the Ancient World, with the broader Geographical meaning of the term, were in a different Dimension than ours.

Inside the words and actions of the Ancient World were embedded the Symbols and the Mythology. People of the time took these under serious consideration since they were all about their religion. Moving an object now, for example, has only a practical meaning, instead of the Ancients was a combination of practical + symbolical action. So, an imminent war between two regiments could be postponed if the Gods did not approve through sacrifices. Sacrifices were the Contact and Dialogue between man and God.

With this logic, we will ascent the Sacred Rock of Acropolis and we will investigate the antiquities of the 5th century B.C. with the spirit of the Ancient.

This way we will the space back to life, even for a little while. But when we depart from this Sacred place, we will have understood that the Imagination of the modern cinematic movies derives directly from the Mythology of the Ancient World.

We will also discover that, other than the imagination, a Construction can be placed in Time and be connected with Religious and Actual facts, that give to that construction a fixed Location with a given Orientation.

W will also understand how does this Construction combine with the Structural Logic of surrounding buildings, serving specific needs, so that all of the Sacred places work as an interrelated Unity.

Sacred Architecture


Sacred Architecture (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2002)

As a Christian, researching a dead religion like the Olympian Pantheon, it feels like something foreign which doesn’t affect you emotionally. However, when you are reading mythology, you start to wonder how thousands of years ago people could engage in deeper reasoning than you and thus you are led to places where face riddles impossible to imagine. Reading mythology you realize that you stand in front of a great religion, which you quickly become familiar with and you start to become enchanted by the wealth of Knowledge. Things that held no meaning for you to come to life in front of your eyes, and the rocks, the mountains or rivers acquire speech and grace, making your fantasy travel far away. You then start to realize that your ancestors did not live in a wild environment, but in an enchanting world, a paradise; your differences with them are minor and superficial. Then, you follow them in time, which slowly approaches you and comes to your own religion which you believe in and love.

However, all of a sudden fear is born and you want to explore your own space out of curiosity. You know that all the angels are watching you strictly from above, and you waver.

You know that someday you will die and you don’t want to depart wandering if there is or what is life after death. And so you start to explore your own religion, going over every subject, opening books on the table, searching endlessly, and returning to the start, worrying that you might have reasoned incorrectly.

You are afraid that you will be disappointed, but you have confidence, knowing that whatever happens in the end, you will face it with courage. And as the ball of yarn unwinds, faces that act through history appear before you. You join their pieces like a mosaic in your thoughts, trying to figure out why your ancestor did this particular action or some other. You now compose their image, while struggling to know them in your time. It is they who once determined your future with a command before you even existed on Earth.

These are your thoughts as a man. If, however, you are also an architect, when you are tasked with constructing the temple of God, among your many other thoughts you will also have to create with your construction the relationship between God and the faithful.

Holy Sacramental Journey to Greece


Holy Sacramental Journey to Greece (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2005)

Entering the “METRO” station of Athens from Syntagma Square, in the large atrium of a stairway, on the right hand on the wall, there is a huge stratigraphy of the area. Suddenly then, you begin to realize that going forward to enter the train, you are on the ground of the 7th century B.C. Then, your eyes start to move up, until the stratigraphy brings you to your own time. Thus you understand that there is a thick layer of civilization beneath the streets of Athens, and there are very few cities in this world where people have this luxury.

So you start to think, recreating history…Down here is where Solon the Athenian used to walk, who relieved anyone who was in debt from the Damoclean Sword of slavery with the “Seisactheia”. Slightly above Democritus of Abdera used to walk, who taught the atomic theory, and Zeno of Elea, the teacher of Pericles. But also Protagoras of Abdera, who was condemned by the Athenians for atheism, together with Socrates, Alcibiades, and Plato with his student, Aristotle. A little higher above taught Chrysippus of Cilicia, on the same streets that the cynic Diogenes of Sinope used to walk. Somewhere there Epicurus of Samos could be found, who taught the release from the fear of death through “ataraxia”.

There is a lot to remember while you observe, in the various height of the stratigraphy, pottery of various eras and graves of people, who once existed and lived just like you, but more dynamic. Now they are there, remaining still in the ground, but their spirit roams in the great hall, the shape of which gives the impression of a large box, in which many people race to catch the “metro” train. This “Metro” station is a miniature of Greece, which resembles Pandora’s box, which once opened, releases many good and bad things, in a time sequence of consecutive civilizations, that draw from each other and their logic should be sought. So you exit the “Metro” station looking for the traces of these civilizations in the archaeological sites, each of which is a pebble of a mosaic that you should compose.

So then, you begin to observe that this mosaic is huge. It descends into the chthonic space and ascends to the celestial, and it keeps expanding into the cardinal points. Its composition is a time-consuming process that requires patience, perseverance, method and practice, the experience of an old man and the flexibility of the young, but above all a spherical knowledge and great imagination, in order to get objective results. There will be errors and misfires, but these will start to become limited the less dogmatic you become. It is by this logic that we should enter each archaeological site, trying to comprehend the logic of the Ancients.

Sacred Astronomy


Sacred Astronomy (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2008)

Every night, the celestial dome dominates over our Earth, and he who possesses it automatically becomes the Master of the Earth. In this book, we will examine how the spread of Hellenism on the geographical space, was the result of the conquest of the Astral dome, a fact which positioned the Greeks in the advantageous position of acquiring a geo-strategical logic.

One can easily perceive, that all of this, has happened over a long period of time and we are nowadays unprepared to understand it’s importance, as the knowledge of the operation of the Celestial dome is a subject bypassed in modern education, and we jump straight into Space, ignoring that our current space successes are still based on the functions of the ancient Celestial dome.
It is a work spanning many centuries, which was carried out by many Greek Astronomers, of which we know only of 188. However, it is possible for us to acquire a completed education, by starting with common logic. During the course of our study, however, we will be proceeding spherically around Knowledge, due to the fact that the World of the Ancients is multidimensional, and each of their conquests was also extended and applied into their social life.

This way we will discover our spiritual proximity to our ancient ancestors, even if we are separated by thousands of years. Even our own worship is the projection of their own decisions, as the ancient world was a world of research on all fields of human activity. If we accept as a fact that the World leader of today is situated in Washington, we will seek for the answers to the questions, who was the previous World leader, where was he, and what was his association to the modern world.

The whole process of research creates complex emotions, as we transition from one historical site to the other and from one dimension to another. And this is because the Celestial dome essentially does not exist; it is a fictional impression of the visual system, which the Ancient ancestor turned into a real and functional one, for future generations.

When, during a starlit night, we find ourselves away from the city lights and turn our gaze to the sky, we will see that it is filled with stars. The spectacle is amazing, however, everyone deals with it in a different manner, depending on the emotion of the moment and his knowledge regarding the Earth. The initiated, when looking at the sum of constellations, he will start to point to Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Draco, Cepheus, and Cassiopeia, and everyone will listen to him with bewilderment. Because we all know the great movie stars like Greta Garbo, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, and many others. But who might the stars on the sky be and who placed them there?

Academic Involvement

The books and theories of George Baltoyannis have been embraced by the Università degli Studi dell’Aquila in Italy, where he was invited several times to give lectures to the students.

Theories of the book Sacred Architecture have been integrated into the curriculum of lesson “Elements of Geometry” of the University of Ioannina in Greece.


Many of his articles have been published in the magazine ek magazine (Ελληνικές Κατασκευές), reddot official media partners.

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