Angelo Baltoyannis (Άγγελος Μπαλτογιάννης) has studied Architecture in Rome, Italy (Sapienza Università) and graduated with a Masters degree from the Faculty of Architecture of the National Technical University of Greece (NTUA). He has done postgraduate studies in Architectural Planning and Bio-climatic Architecture.

Since 2003 he was professionally engaged in many established architectural offices and in 2010 he co-founded ArchiCulture, an architectural office in Athens, Greece. Much about his work can be found at his LinkedIn profile.

In 1997 Angelo undertook the design and research of Dionysus Revelation, the first of five books published by George Baltoyannis. With more than 30 years of Historical research on the relation between Ancient Architecture and Ancient Religion, George is the writer of the following Best Seller books, in all of which Angelo is the graphic designer:

  • Dionysus Revelation (ed. Aldebaran – Athens 1997)
  • Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena (ed. Aldebaran – Athens 1998)
  • Sacred Architecture (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2002)
  • Holy Sacramental Journey to Greece (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2005)
  • Sacred Astronomy (ed. Esoptron – Athens 2008)

Editor in chief

Angelo has founded in 2019 Mythical Routes Publications (Imprint: Mythical Books) a company that has undertaken the work of producing and publishing english e-versions of all historical books writen by George Baltoyannis, author of “The Revelation of Dionysus” and “The Acropolis through the blue eyes of the goddess Athena”. Other books by G. Baltoyannis, available to download are:

The Mythical Routes project

Alongside with his work as an Architect and Project Manager, his passion for motorcycles has been constant for the last 25 years. Angelo has ridden many off-road miles and has traveled extensively. Being very passionate about architecture, history, and adventure, in 2017 he co-founded with his brother Paris the Mythical Routes project, in an effort to combine the scientific knowledge that he had acquired all these years, with their passion for exploration and Adventure motorcycling.

Cape Sounio is one of the most dramatic site locations in Greece

Trying to understand the construction aliments of Ancient Greek Temples and the connections that existed between them, they are trying to recreate the Ancient Mythical Routes that were first introduced in the history books of their father, Architect, and Author George Baltoyannis. Since 2017 Angelo has been actively engaged as an Adventure and Historical Tour Guide for Mythical Routes. As he quotes:

Greece has one of the oldest and richest civilizations. Hellenic Art and Architecture are founding pillars for every modern artistic expression. Our natural resources are full of life, diversity and beauty.

Amazing views in every ride … this is Greece!

The project has been welcomed and appreciated by the international adventure community, the press, and many adventure oriented brands. Klim, Enduristan, AltRider and Aurora Rally Equipment have been very supportive and interested to contribute.

In the Mythical Routes project, we will showcase the beauty and the well hidden historical facts of the Ancient Hellenic world, with the broader Geographical meaning of the term, through an experiential and naturalistic approach using large displacement off-road motorcycles as vehicles.

KLIM Ambassador

Since the 90s, Angelo has passed from almost every motorcycle category, with a solid background on racing tracks and Superbike motorcycles. Later on, he switched to off-road bikes and soon developed a particular taste for big twin off-road beasts. Since 2014 he has been actively contributing to the adventure community, organizing multiple non-profit Adventure Rallies and Events for motorcycle clubs and brands.

Angelo’s contribution to the international ADV community has been noticed by KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC), a US-based global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the motorcycle rider.

From 2016 Angelo is supported by KLiM when he became an official KLIM Ambassador and testing cool upcoming products is just one of the perks!

Adventure Rally Planner

In 2015 Angelo co-organized with his brother Paris the first ever KTM Adventure Rally Greece, an annual Adventure Rally aiming to gather under a common event, all the Greek large displacement KTM motorcycle owners.

On the KTM Adventure Rally Greece, riders will discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE and what it means to embrace the KTM SPIRIT. Charging down epic dirt roads, conquering extreme riding territory and sharing it all with like minded riders, friends.

The KTM Adventure Rally Greece includes trails on more demanding dirt roads, with emphasis on the long duration and distance that will be covered in each leg. Motorcycles must be equipped with off-road tires and have a minimum fuel autonomy of 180 km. The route is aimed at the more skillful off-road riders and containe single-track, beautiful free-ride trails, and steep descents.

100% pure ADVENTURE | 100% KTM Spirit | 100% Unforgettable Experience !!


March Moto Madness is an Adventure Rally that happens worldwide in the last days of March, an opportunity for meetings with old or new friends who share a common love for motorcycle, village touring and exploration.

March Moto Madness started in 2006 by a group of American motorcyclists because of their love for the motorcycle, driving on the ground, camping near nature and talking about the fire. The event started from the very beginning and is now being co-organized in the US with the GS Giants, the largest forum of fans of the BMW GS racer bike in the world. In 2015 it escaped from the borders of America and transformed itself into a global event that was held simultaneously in 14 countries of the world, including Greece.

Angelo co-organizes with his brother Paris the annual March Moto Madness Greece Adventure Rally since the very begining back in 2015 and is running it every year.

Rider Certifications

Through the years of his riding, Angelo has had a long history in road & track riding, with various motorcycles. In addition to the experience he gained in the tracks, he completed all the training courses by the California Superbike School, a team dedicated to educating the Art of Cornering for to riders. The Greek branch is a fully qualified branch and is one of the four in the world with its own coaching team.


Around the 2000s he switched to big adventure motorcycles and his riding style started shifting to off-road / rally. Since only large cc twin beasts could combine his riding past with his riding present, his involvement in the Greek Adventure community was logical. In addition to the vast experience gained within the various Adventure Rallies he organized or joined, he completed all the advanced courses by BMW Motorrad Greece Off-Road Training.